The Results Are In

As many of you are aware, the Student Council recently had the elections taking place. For each incoming grade, the student had the right to vote for their class president, vice president, and secretary. For the incoming senior class, Emma Dunford won the president election. “I do a lot of behind the scenes work for […]

Hidden Arts

Natalie Teibel is an amazing artist, but no one really knows it. Now she going to show the school some of her work. Natalie said that she would walk pass the old mural everyday down by the athletic office, and since she is in tech class here at West Side, she went up and asked […]

Game Con Raised Over $1,000

The annual West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High Game Con was held on April 8. The event had one of the highest turnouts ever, as it raised over a thousand dollars from the participants alone, which is more than standard for the game con. Almost the entirety of the total earnings will be donated to the Backpack […]

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