What is your favorite season?

15 Essentials to Keep You Cozy

15 Essentials to Keep You Cozy this Winter   Extra-Fluffy™ Throw Blanket Chilly winter weather is quickly approaching. In winter wonderland, you can pet all the polar bears you want. However, in real life, if you try to pet one, you’ll get mauled. Get this Extra-Fluffy Throw Blanket instead! https://www.berkshireblanket.com/extra-fluffy-throw-blanket/product/E0075 Marshmallow Smiling Faces Cute Mugs […]

Bringing Awareness During TAM

The month of November holds a special place in the hearts of the LGBT community, with it being Transgender Awareness Month (TAM). Jacob Richardson, the president of the club, explained it in his own terms, “This month houses transgender awareness so it’s really just awareness of the struggles that the transgender community goes through and […]

Trying to Fall in Love with Fall

Fall is 90 days. All in all, that isn’t a very long time, about one fourth of one year of your life. That seems pretty insignificant, but what happens with the weather during fall is not. In a survey conducted on Twitter, 46 percent of students said fall was their favorite season, but how do we […]

West Side takes Young Life by Storm

Eating donuts, dancing, singing, and hanging out friends all in one night? To you this may not sound like any regular Monday night, but for Young Life members, it is! On Monday, November 13th, West Side and Harrison students gathered at Calvary Church at 7:33 pm for their weekly Young Life Club.  Young Life is […]

Pancakes or Waffles?

Are you a Left or Right Brain?

Which sport do you prefer to watch?

Which Starbucks Holiday Drink Are You?

The WLDM Powder Puff Success

For the second year in a row, the WLDM hosted the annual girls Powder Puff game. It has been their biggest money raising event for the second year in a row. People come out to compete against their rival class, to win and raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital. This year the junior class narrowly […]

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