WL Backpack Program

  The West Lafayette backpacks organization is a volunteer and donation based organization dedicated to helping feed underprivileged families in our community. This program was started about 10 years ago but is still widely unknown by a lot of people at West side. The important work this volunteer group does helps hundreds of your fellow […]

Behind The Mask

On Saturday, February 24, West Lafayette’s VISTA put on their annual semi-formal winter dance. Students enjoyed an elaborate evening full of dancing and fellowship in the Jr. High gym. The theme was a masquerade and included sparkling red, black, and gold decorations and a photo booth where students could get a Polaroid picture with friends. […]

Valentine’s Day for Singles

Here is a Valentine’s Day video for those without a significant other to celebrate it with, in other words, singles. Despite the typical stigma of being single on Valentine’s Day, several students we interviewed actually had positive attitudes towards the day. Some claimed it was a mere commercial holiday, intended to profit off of romantic […]

Take a Peek Behind the Curtains

The music swells, the spotlight glows, the curtains part, and the show begins. This year West Lafayette is putting on “Curtains” for their spring musical.  Many come out to see the show every year, but many people do not know what goes on behind the scenes. How goes into putting on a musical? From acting […]

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