Mu Alpha Theta Mathletes look to continue their reign

Mu Alpha Theta is a national high school and two-year college mathematics honor society competition around the world. Any student who chooses to participate in this contest will be given a test with six mathematical questions to answer within a thirty minute period. Once all the sheets are turned in, they are graded and the […]

Do you know your teachers?

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at WLIS

Students Face Parking Shortage

You may have heard the frustration regarding our parking lot throughout the halls these past few weeks, whether it’s not getting a preferred spot or any spot at all.   One of the highlights of junior and senior year is parking privileges, something very few juniors, and even some seniors won’t get to experience. On the […]

Hate Speech in High School

It’s still here, everyone. Let’s work to send it away for good. We’ve all heard the words. We’ve seen the tweets, heard it on the news. Since the days of the Civil War, the Civil Rights era, and now today, hate speech has existed. However, it has taken on a new form in the digital […]

Being a superhero with Anime Club

“Do you need powers to be a Hero?” Anime Club says no to that question, and yes to a photo! Mrs. Gates, for quite some time, has played host to the group of students known as Anime Club. Every Wednesday, during 6th hour or High School lunch, they band up to watch various anime from […]

Construction Junction, What’s Your Function?

Although it is clear that West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High School is undergoing major renovations, how much do you really know about the new changes at the school?

Blooming Personality

Moving here from Orlando, Florida Arwa Al-Mutairi is thriving at West Lafayette High School. It has been quite different for her as now the environment is vastly different compared to her previous school. “I was in an Islamic-American curriculum school, there were a few Kuwaiti girls that I knew, all of the students were Arabic, it […]



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