How To Survive The School Construction

Struggling with the constant rush of school and finding a way around the new changes around the school? Here are some tips from fellow students to help you feel more at ease.  

Vista Sets up for Homecoming

Culinary Arts Class Prepares Stuffed Chicken

Tests and Stress- The Devils Advocate

What’s your best studying method for big tests? Juinor Molly Kormanis says… “I really like using flashcards to study for big tests.” Freshman Minnie Liang says… “I usually get my friends to quiz me or I do Quizlet questions and flashcards.”  Senior Adam Earnst says… “Just make sure you pay attention in class and actually […]

Girls Soccer vs. Harrison

Get to Know Your Yearbook Staff!

Ms. Croy’s Anatomy Class Dissects Rats

Fresh Fall Songs: a Spotify Playlist to Transition into Fall with

“Fresh Fall Songs” is a Spotify playlist designed to help you transition into fall. It features songs of all genres: pop, rock, and even hints of rap. However, its goal is to help you get into the relaxed fall mindset that this season is known for having.

The new cafeteria will be expanding students’ horizons and lunches

 Want to build your own pizza? Want pasta today? Build your own tacos? How about the classic rotating lunches that we all love? And our beloved french fries? All of these options will be available in the new cafeteria coming next month, right after fall break.  The new cafeteria will be emulating the style of […]

West Side Embraces ZipGrade as Scantron Machine on Its Last Legs

Scantron has long been the go-to system for grading multiple-choice exams at West Side due to its convenience over other systems. Teachers can quickly grade hundreds of tests simply by bringing completed bubble sheets to the school’s Scantron machine. But over the last few years, the Scantron machine has been showing signs of age: teachers […]

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