Student Parking Madness

Many seniors this year have one more struggle and annoyance that they have to deal with besides college applications and homework… and that is parking. The student lot lost a lot of the spots they had, basically causing seniors to hope they get a spot if they aren’t there early enough. As a result, many […]

Speak of the Devil: Episode 1

The first ever episode of Speak of the Devil, a sports broadcast hosted by Hojun Yun, Joey Gavin, Kiersten Wood, and Ava Doty, features varsity soccer players Noah Stenberg and Gwen Barnett. They comment on their seasons thus far and predict how far they see their post season going. They also talk about the new […]

Charli XCX Speaks to the Future on her New Album

In the 5 years since Charli XCX’s previous album, Sucker, Charli started a pop music revolution. After joining forces with boundary-pushing label PC Music and releasing wild experimental singles, EPs, and mixtapes, her new album, Charli, released on September 13th, 2019, takes her new, unique style of pop music to new heights. Charli is genre-defying, […]

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