Movie Review – It Happened One Night

Though this movie is black and white, there is so much you can get out of it. During my film lit class this semester, I was able to watch a movie called It Happened One Night. If I’m being honest, I didn’t think I would actually find the movie as interesting as I did, as […]

Make Someone’s Day

 1. What’s one way you could make someone’s day? Sophomore Matthew Kane says… “I think just saying hi to people in the hallways and being friendly in general could make someones day.” Junior Alyson Haehl says… “Giving compliments and saying things like how pretty they look or something could really make a difference.” Senior Bryson […]

2019 Ironman Volleyball Tournament

Pool Preview

Latest news on the new pool “It’s a great space, it’s much larger and more open than the previous pool, there’s a separate diving well which will probably give more functionality for practice and also allow more programming from the community to come in and use it. It will be a really nice facility that […]

Making a Difference

Climate change committee isn’t finished yet “At first it was only 20 people on the track, and then people just kept coming. Huge waves of people came out with all their signs. It was pretty crazy,” said Abigail Lee, a member of the climate change committee, when asked about the success of the climate strike […]

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