A Familiar Face

Past student teacher returns, teaching English full time

BACK FOR MORE: English teacher, Miss O’Farrell, takes attendance in an eager 7th-grade class. O’Farrell completed her student teaching here last year and has returned for a permanent position. “Everybody’s been so nice and welcoming that it’s made the transition to adulthood really easy,” says O’Farrell.

Students may have recognized this friendly face around the building this year.  Former student teacher Miss O’Farrell is here for a permanent position, teaching 7th grade English. “I really like the energy that the students have. It’s their first year at West Side and my first year at West Side, so right now they’re just as excited as I am to be here, I think,” says O’Farrell.

A teacher plays an important role in influencing young student’s lives, especially in the 7th grade. O’Farrell was touched by a couple of those teachers.   “I knew I wanted to be a teacher for a long time, but teaching English specifically was because of a few English teachers that I had when I was in middle school and high school that helped me with a lot of things other than just school,” says O’Farrell. She credits choosing English to those teachers.

Student teaching can be a helpful and informative experience for aspiring teachers; however, teaching at the school one completed your student teaching can be a unique experience. “Student teaching here allowed me to meet a lot of the students and staff that I wouldn’t have gotten to meet otherwise, and I also got to know the West Side way earlier on,” says O’Farrell.

Now, settled into her new home in room 2101, O’Farrell reflects on what it’s like to be back. “It’s weird, to be honest, but it’s really cool because I feel like West Side has allowed me to grow so far, and it’s just interesting to see the people that taught me so much just down the hall.”

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