A Future Changing Trip

How a Trip to Ecuador Inspired a New Major

The World Language Field gains another teacher, Miss White. Miss White is from Greencastle Indiana. She attended Taylor University in hopes to become a physical therapist, which later changed. She was ahead of the game for the “new normal” of a school year, with being able to do half her student teaching online. “I am thankful my second placement was online because we used Canvas there and so now coming here all the teachers are having to use Canvas this year, and I already feel like I have a leg up,” said White. 

Two years into studying what Miss White thought was her passion, Physical Therapy, turned around with an adventure to Ecuador. Miss White was given a very Welcoming host family of four, that really made her feel like she was at home. Her initial thoughts of the trip were to learn Anatomy, Spanish, and Culture to give her an advantage with diverse patients. But this is where it all changes for Miss White.

“I think the best things in life come from the hardest experiences,” says White. The love for the culture, language, and scenery was almost instant. Miss White then realized that science wasn’t truly her passion. Trying to make this transition was not easy, but helped her get one step closer to what she enjoyed, Spanish. She went to Ecuador knowing very little to no Spanish. With the help of the host family, taking eight credits of Spanish from a local church, and being surrounded by the culture, Miss White slowly picked up on things. 

“It’s a language, you can always learn more,” said White. Miss White being a first-year

¡Hola! Miss White is teaching her class about a cultural Spanish dish, Tortilla de Patata.The kids were having a blast trying to guess the ingredients. “It’s cool to see students get connections and to see them be sparked and inspired,” White said.



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