A predestined hire: Joel Strode already very comfortable and extremely active as new athletic director

Joel Strode compares the schedules of other area teams to that of West Side’s. This may be one of the only peaceful moments in what is a very busy work day. “It’s been good…it’s been busy,” says Strode.

Joel Strode has always had ambitions above teaching.

“I realized I liked the other side of things as far as the administrative role. I enjoyed that part of the duties, and the opportunity to continue here in this building and continue to work with athletics is pretty exciting,” says Strode.

Prior to his reveal as the new athletic director earlier this summer, Strode taught math for ten years at West Side, five of which he was head of the math department.

As much experience as he had in administrative roles might have already secured Strode the AD position, but Strode complemented this insight in leadership with a background with heavy athletic involvement.

“I’ve always played sports growing up, played in college, and then coaching (baseball) for ten years, so the opportunity to help all the athletics excites me,” says Strode.

Strode has take to the job naturally, but he says it’s been busy. On average the athletic director goes through a multitude of different daily tasks.

“It varies,” he says. “Could be scheduling events, making sure we’ve got workers lined up for all our home events, making sure we have transportation, hiring coaches, completing the staff, and then, also,  meeting with coaches.”

Strode could go on, but along with this busy, athletic schedule, he is also an active assistant principal.

“The official title would be athletic director slash assistant principal,” he says.

“I get to do some teacher evaluations and I am in charge of the clubs,” says Strode.

This new job parallels what Strode has been doing for years: balancing athletics and academics.

“I’m ready to see these various seasons begin, but there is still a lot of work to be done,” says Strode as he starts another busy and eventful day at work.

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