A Whirlwind of a Start

New Counselor Jumps Right Into a New Job

The start of a new school year brings many feelings. Some are excited for the new opportunities that come with a new school. Other people are nervous. Candace Dobson was hired just weeks before school started, leaving no time for her to be excited or nervous.

“It’s been a whirlwind. The technology side of things has been hard to learn and then just learning how things operate in this building.”

She’s been working alongside Mrs. Sheffield who has been showing her the ropes. This is Mrs. Dobson’s first ever job as a school counselor. 

“I had a chance to work with students some years ago and I really liked the idea of working with students and not adults. It’s just a different dynamic,” says Mrs. Dobson. “I’m excited to work with kids to prepare them for life after school.”

As for her own life after school, she went to Purdue and got her bachelor’s in psychology with a minor in women’s studies. She then got her first master’s degree from Capella Online in public health. She is currently completing her school counseling master’s.

“I’ve worked in mental health and communications management in various jobs. I’ve also worked as a teacher’s aid, but this is my first counseling job,” said Dobson.

On a day to day basis she meets with students about scheduling, specifically the seniors right now as she prepares them to graduate and what their life will look like after graduation.

She hasn’t been here long, but she has already noticed the difference at West Side and other schools she has been in.

“The experience here is really great. A lot of the things that you do and have here I haven’t seen in a high school. It’s a great school to work for so far.”

Despite the quick start, Dobson is super excited to be working in her new job. She does have a fun side to her too.

“I’m just me. I like to make facial expressions a lot. I’m a pretty quirky person.”

A Fitting FaceMrs. Dobson works alongside Mrs. Sheffield getting the hang of new tasks. She posed with a funny face, displaying her quirky personality. “I’m a pretty quirky person.”

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