Abrams Makes the Long Haul

Mr. Abrams (above) hard at work teaching his eighth hour Civil Engineering class. This class is one of his many Tech Ed classes that he teaches throughout the day.

Mr Abrams is the new guy on site.  He is passionate about his profession and cares about the kids here. When asked what is his favorite thing about teaching here at West Lafayette, Mr. Abrams said, “The students. They are good kids and seem to value their education.” This is one of the main reasons he takes the fifty minute daily drive to and from West Lafayette to his home in Cicero, Indiana. “The drive is my least favorite part of this job,” states Abrams.

Abrams grew up in Mooresville, Indiana on the southwest side of Indianapolis. He stayed in that area his high school life until he attended Ball State University. Mr. Abrams knew his goal was to be a teacher going into college, “Yes, I wanted to be a teacher because I wanted to coach sports.”

This isn’t his first year in the teaching profession. Previous to his job at West Lafayette, he taught and coached tennis and track and field. Now at West Lafayette he teaches in the Tech Ed Department.

Along with teaching a diverse course load including Tech Ed, Computer Design, Practical Arts, and Civil Engineering, he carries this diversity through many of his hobbies outside of the classroom. “I like Olympic Lifting, hiking, fishing, and building things,” said Abrams.

Every teacher has dreams, dreams of doing something other than teaching kids everyday.I asked his opinion on that and what he would want to be, he said “Architect, I like construction and designing.” That jobs seems to suit him as he is a Tech Ed teacher here at West Side.


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