Always Expect Problems

“I always expect there be problems and I always expect myself to be helpful,” Yoder said.

Robert Yoder is working on a school technology issue in the server room next to the library. Robert Yoder is a new staff member in the technology department.


“I learn something new everyday.” Robert Yoder is a new staff member in West Side who works in the  technology department.

“A lot of technical skills are from past experiences. I’ve been on computers for a long time. When I was in high school, I worked for the technology department.” Yoder said.

Yoder was a service manager who repaired Macs and iPhones before this new job. The people in West Side called Yoder back to a new job and then he chose to work here.

“It is a challenge every day, but I love the challenge.” Yoder said.

Yoder came to West Side in May, and this is the start of his job. Yoder considered this job as a new challenge. He has to deal with a lot of problems like audio issues, Chromebooks, Skyward, and cafeteria stuff every day but he enjoys this process, too.

“I expect to be a major part of student learning process.” Yoder said.

One of Yoder’s career goals is to get better in IT area. He is willing to learn things and he tries his best to work the problems out.

When we talked about what Yoder expected the students to call him, he said “You can just call me Robert.” Instead of “Mr. Yoder”, “Robert” seems to be more close like friends with students which makes more comfortable between students and Yoder. Yoder also has an advice for students which is “Keep learning, use the resource the school gives you wisely.”

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