The Starbucks App provides for a quick and easy way for all customers to enjoy their drinks and earn rewards.

One of the quickest and easiest way you can get your Starbucks is through the Starbucks Mobile App. You can order on your phone and pick it up in stores, earn points for rewards and pay for your drink or food – no wallet necessary.

The quick, accessible pay feature is very relevant when Starbucks is a craving. Running short on time? Order your coffee ahead of time, skip the line and your coffee will be ready within five minutes.I think this is the easiest way to get what you want quickly, because you’ve already paid for it through your account, you can walk in and grab your items and leave.

Whether you’re paying in stores, through the drive thru or ordering ahead, you get rewards every time that you spend a certain amount of money. There are different levels, with gold being the highest and getting a physical, hard copy of a special gold card. As a rewards member, you earn two stars for every $1 spent with any card on the app. To earn the gold card, you have to earn 300 stars. As a gold member, every 125 stars you earn can be redeemed for a reward, a free food or drink item. An addition to being a rewards member, you get to enjoy a free treat on your birthday. Signing up to be a rewards member will help you earn stars faster and get more rewards.

This app has saved me many unnecessary trips back home because I had forgotten my wallet. After ordering and realizing your wallet is not with you, pull out your phone and pay with the money that you have on your account.The most common ways to get money in your account is from gift cards or you can directly transfer money from your credit card into your Starbucks Rewards account.

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