An Instructor’s Return to Teaching

Mrs. Boyd listens to Yale Han, 7, talk about an in class assignment. The class was working on a scavenger hunt related to a topic they were learning in class. “ I focused a lot on the social- emotional aspects of education while in administration, and I think that has only helped my teaching and relationship-building with my students,” said Boyd.

As teachers welcomed new and old students to West Side this year, students did the same for many teachers. This school year has brought a great variety of new staff members. Mrs. Boyd is one of those. However, she has a little something that makes her special.

Although she is a new teacher this year, she used to teach at the school until 2013 when she relocated to Cumberland Elementary School to work in administration. When asked about the differences between teaching and administration, she said, “The direct, instantaneous impact when teaching is so much more pronounced than what it is through administration.[…] As an administrator, you never know what you’ll be doing from day-to-day.” Mrs. Boyd thinks that these aspects of her different positions allows her to do many unique things as a veteran teacher. Having had experience at Cumberland allows her to feel “more aware of global concerns, and be more focused on the social and emotional aspect of education.” This mindset has been built up over time, and is especially useful in her field of teaching–social studies.

Boyd currently teaches seventh grade social studies and psychology as well; however, she is hoping to make an impact in the school and take on more classes in the future. In fact, something different from her experience at Cumberland is the fact that she is sponsoring the Mayor’s Youth Council Club. This is another way for her to “build relationships with students, as she will be able to see them everyday” which is something she values greatly.

Mrs. Boyd has returned with high hopes and energy. She anticipates that she can influence students’ minds and future in her classes this year. “The most significant is that I can do is go into my classroom and close the door and teach,” said Boyd.

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