Art History takes Chicago

This sarcophagus is preserved at The Oriental Institute. By using CAT scans to inspect the body, the skeleton was able to stay inside these funerary coverings.

Sitting in a classroom learning about world-famous art pieces can be fun, but seeing them in person is ideal.

“I think it’s important that the students see real artwork; the pictures in the book don’t do the pieces justice.” said art teacher Mrs. Yoder.  That’s why Yoder’s third and fourth hour Art History AP classes headed to Chicago to witness their studies in the flesh.

The classes, whose trip took place on October 9th, visited The Oriental Institute at The University of Chicago, and the world-renowned Art Institute of Chicago.

The Oriental Institute was especially interesting to the students because they’re currently studying art from the Oriental period. “It was cool to see the King Tut statue because we just studied him.” said Saif Islam ’13.

Besides viewing the art that they are currently studying, the students were also able to look at all the other available genres of art at the Art Institute. Popular pieces that were seen include ‘American Gothic’ by Grant Wood and “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’  by Georges Seurat.

Multiple students, including Audrey Smith ’13 and Hannah Choe ’13 said that Andy Warhol’s silkscreened poster of former Chinese ruler Mao Zedong was their favorite. “‘Mao’ was my favorite because Warhol’s my favorite artist, and seeing one of his pieces was awesome.” said  Smith ’13.

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