Basketball Dominates On and Off the Court

BATED BREATH: Alaina Omonode, 11, and Ashley Weatherly, 12, watch the ball after it was shot. The defense had had a strong hold on the players, but they were still able to break through. “When you’re part of a team you put in hard work. These girls are my sisters. You work hard for them every day and it’s good to know you’re helping someone out and they’re helping you. It’s a family-like bond,” said Melissa Fernandez, 10.

WARM SMILES: Kendall Devault, 9, and Sarah Bailey, 9, go through their warm ups before the game. The team has a set routine that they perform before each game, however they are still fun. “Our rituals before the game are really fun. We dance a lot, sing together, and we try to get in a focused mode before the game,” said Melissa Fernandez, 10.

PHOTO SHOOT: Coach Schott takes a picture of the team before the game. The team had finished their unofficial warmup and had just changed into their uniforms for the game. “We always take a picture before the game; it’s a ritual,” said Ashley Weatherly, 12.

ON EDGE: Coach Schott and the bench watch as Abby McCain shoots a layup after breaking the other team’s defense. She had previously practiced this type of scenario during the team warm up. “I like the team bonding that we have and the connections we’ve made through the season,” said McCain.

ENTERING THE COURT: As the announcers read out the players participating, Jaylah Brown, 9, runs out and high fives teammate Eunice Sabagia, 11. Each player has a special handshake that they give each other. “My favorite part would have to be the teammates that play with me and always support me,” said Ashley Weatherly, 12.

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