Being a superhero with Anime Club

“Do you need powers to be a Hero?”

Anime Club says no to that question, and yes to a photo!

Mrs. Gates, for quite some time, has played host to the group of students known as Anime Club. Every Wednesday, during 6th hour or High School lunch, they band up to watch various anime from the current season. Club President Umme Bushra opened today’s meeting with the show of choice, My Hero Academia. While I settled into the back, the show began.

My Hero Academia was chosen for a simple reason this time. It is Club President Umme Bushra’s favorite series of all time. Often, club members will draw up a list of titles they want to see, and Umme watches them and decides which make the cut. Often, titles must be school appropriate.

That doesn’t bother Umme, though. She takes her duties as president seriously, and with good reason. She’s a senior here at West Side, and though she is an avid student in English, she loves anime with a passion/

Umme has quite a variety of knowledge about anime. Not only is her favorite character Naruto Uzumaki, but her favorite anime relationship is Naru and Mai from Ghost Hunt. Of course, her favorite series is My Hero Academia.

As we watched the first episode of the series end, there was quite a bit of sympathy to Midoriya Izuku, the main character. In a world where superpowers and superheroes are commonplace, Midoriya has no powers to speak of. When he is attacked by a villain, he is saved by his idol and the top hero in the world, All Might. At the end of the episode, Midoriya asks the departing All Might a question.

“Do you need powers to be a hero?”

As the episode fades and the credits roll, that question stuck with me long after the period ended, along with another, more pressing question.

“When’s the next meeting, and what is showing?”

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