Bonjour from Dr. Beyogle!

Zoomin’ through the school year:

Dr. Beyogle leads a virtual meeting with his French students. His online learners got to talk to Dr. Beyogle from their house virtually yet they haven’t met their new teacher in person yet. “I came to West Side from a small private school and I was excited to get the public school experience,” said Beyogle.

A new French teacher joins the staff.

A Doctor has joined the school staff and has lots of experience in teaching. Dr. Beyogle is a Purdue University grad so he’s back in West Lafayette for the second time. He also got a degree at University of Illinois Champaign and got his PhD.  He has been a teacher at many different schools including La Lumiere, in La Porte, Purdue University, University of Illinois Champaign, and Northern Illinois University.  When asked what his favorite part about West Side is Dr. Beyogle responded with, “I like the fact that the kids are focused here.”

Dr. Beyogle moved to the United States and always knew that he wanted to teach.  He is very passionate about his job.  “I’m originally from Ghana, but I’ve been here for the past sixteen years now,” said Beyogle.  Ghana is located in western Africa which is a nineteen hour flight from Indiana.  With experience living in different countries and teaching French, he speaks a lot of languages.  He speaks six languages to be exact.

We asked what language he speaks around his family and Dr. Beyogle said, “Whatever comes to mind.”  He talked about how there are different languages spoken in Ghana because it’s a multilingual country and that is why his family speaks multiple languages.  All of his kids are multilingual as well.  Two of them live in Ghana and one in Florida.  Along with being from Ghana and living here now, he spent some time in France and speaks French too. “I got trained in France,” he said.

Overall Dr. Beyogle has such an interesting background and has lived in so many different places around the world including Ghana, France, and The United States. We can’t wait to see all that Dr. Beyogle brings to our school.

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