Boys Basketball Begins with Heartbreak

After weeks of preparation, it was time for the Red Devils to show everyone in Berberian Gym what they had spent months to attain; a victory. On Wednesday November 22, the West Side boys’ basketball team suffered a devastating loss to the McCutcheon Mavericks in their first game of the season. As the face-off began, hopes were high for the Devils. When asked about his thoughts at the beginning of the game, Tyler Boyle, 10  said, “I was a little nervous as it was my first varsity basketball start, but as the game went on I felt more comfortable and gained more confidence after I hit my first shot.” By the end of the first quarter, West Side was up 16-9 with a buzzer beater by Luke Touloukian, 12 to put the Red Devils ahead.

The teams stayed in a close game and fought for victory throughout the night, with a full student section cheering on the Red Devils. Superfan captain Jake Millsaps, 12  said, “I expected a big crowd just because it was the first basketball game and it was a home game, what I want is for everyone to keep doing that. Continued attendance would be my goal.”  

At half time, the Red Devils were down 36-34, but the West Side athletes were hopeful they could bounce back. “I told myself that there’s nothing to lose and I need to go all out,” Gabe Klinker, 11 said. 

DETERMINED: Nelson Mbongo, 11 looks for a teammate to pass the ball to during the first game versus McCutcheon on November 22. The junior scored 9 points and had 11 rebounds throughout the night, and recollected his thoughts after the rough loss.“I felt pretty bad about it, but I know we are getting better as a team. We made a lot of mistakes but nothing that can’t be fixed,” he said.

With plenty of talent on the other end, the Red Devils pushed through the third quarter and ended it ahead of the Mavericks, 51-50 West Lafayette. The fourth quarter was anyone’s game as the two teams fought hard for victory. In the end, the Mavericks pulled through and won 61-60. Although it was a close game and a devastating loss, the Red Devils’ persistence and hard work was evident, and it will continue to be seen in future games this season.

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