Boys Soccer Works Hard In The Offseason

Looking back at the season, the varsity wishes they could have done more. James Braun expresses this when he says,”The team we lost to at regionals was good, but we were a better team.” This loss motivates the members to work extra hard during the off season.

They West Lafayette boys’ soccer team had one of their most successful seasons ever during 2017. They advanced to regionals, only narrowly missing the opportunity to go to semi state. The loss at regionals motivated the returning players to work even harder than before after the season. The incoming seniors continue to work hard during the off season, hoping they will repeat another winning season.

This year the head soccer coach, Aaron Cooke helped create an off season team called Legacy Soccer. Players from across the Lafayette area play at this club on teams against each other. David Udo-Imeh is an incoming senior who plays on the team and said,”Nearly everyone on the West Side team plays, and I definitely saw an improvement this year in the people who played.” The group from West Side that plays has one of the best winning teams in the club, which is a testament to the work they put in.

After school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday the teams additionally lifts after school. Anton Posynak looks forward to the lifts and says,”We have a list of lifts we do for soccer that helps us get stronger.” In addition to the lifting they do, other drills are incorporated, explained by Jensen Burr, “We do a lot of footwork drills that helps our defense, because that is what we struggled on this year.”

The off season training the team does is a great way the members bond and get to know the newcomers before the season. Next year the boys hope their extra efforts show to make it past semi state and advance to the state game.

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