Bringing Awareness During TAM

The month of November holds a special place in the hearts of the LGBT community, with it being Transgender Awareness Month (TAM). Jacob Richardson, the president of the club, explained it in his own terms, “This month houses transgender awareness so it’s really just awareness of the struggles that the transgender community goes through and what differentiates them between the LGB part of the community.” The GSA Club has not had as much of an impact as Jacob would have liked. His goal with this month is to “Really just get the word out of what people are trying to do for the LGBT community and especially the transgender community,” he said.

Jacob Richardson, 12, hopes the GSA meetings will make a difference. “Obviously we always hope that the response from students is positive and if we don’t get a positive response then we know what the problem is but also we really just want to increase awareness and education for really anyone who is willing to learn about this.”

The GSA Club has meetings almost every Tuesday, so next time you are looking for something to do, attend the club! If you are searching for any way to help, Jacob’s suggestion is to, “Really just come to our meetings. You know if we have a meeting and we only have two to three people show up, it doesn’t make us feel like we’re really reaching anyone so just come to our meetings.  We try to run announcements and I try to get the word out to as many people as possible and if you say you’re going to go then go to the meeting.”

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