Lights, Camera, Reaction! – All-Time Classics

By Sadie Alge and Meredith Carnahan There are some films that have such loveable characters, such a compelling plot, and such a timeless movie-watching experience that they go down in history as an instant classic. Star Wars and Jurassic Park fit that category well, charming audiences when they first came to theaters and continuing to […]

Whats your taste in music?

West Side students answer a poll about their favorite genre and artist! The Survey was given to a large group of students and asked them to select their favorite genre of music and then their favorite artist in the selected genre. Here are the results! Pop Music was the most popular category, with 29.6% of […]

The Batman Movie Review (Spoiler-free)

As we know there’s a certain movie receiving a lot of praise in the movie industry. This is the new movie starring Robert Pattinson, The Batman (PG-13). The Batman was a movie about the crime fighting crusader Batman in his second year as a superhero in Gotham City. You track Batman using his skills to […]

How do you Wordle?

Wordle has always been a fun game to play, but now, it has become more popular. It was made in 2013, and it’s a fun puzzle game where you try to guess the 5-letter word for the day. It pops up with green boxes which means that you guessed the right letter and it’s in […]

West Side Athletics

In the last 5 years, we have had a lot of accomplishments in WL history. I decided to pick out the most important ones. West Side is not only known for their academics, but also for their sports. Ever since 1939,(which was when West Side was first constructed), we have excelled in sports. In soccer, […]

She Devils

Picture 1: The She Devils perform at the boys basketball game against Frankfort during halftime. Almost everyday they work hard to practice a dance to perform for an audience whether its at a basketball game or a football game. “It’s fun to perform and show people what we’ve worked so hard for,” Scarlett Halvorsen (10) […]

Clubs Crossword (Win Candy!)

Think you’re up to date on everything we’ve been doing this year? Challenge yourself to this crossword with 20 of our clubs and organizations. Once you’re done, email proof of completion to to receive a candy prize during lunch next week! HINTS: Names will not include the word “club.” Acronyms and common abbreviations will be […]

The Upsides to Theatre

With the spring musical coming up in less than a month, the pressure is on for the cast members of the production The Wizard of Oz. Meeting for rehearsal every Monday through Thursday from 6:00-8:00 p.m., the actors work hard to memorize their lines, songs, and choreography before March. But the musical is far from […]

The best on-the-go restaurants? Go!

Credit to Mcgill Office for Science and Society

Lights, Camera, Reaction! – Holiday Special

By Sadie Alge and Meredith Carnahan It’s the holiday season, and that means there are plenty of Christmas films to cozy up to over the winter break. For a special end-of-semester installment of Lights, Camera, Reaction!, we turned to West Side students to give their opinions on three popular Christmas movies.