Charli XCX Speaks to the Future on her New Album

In the 5 years since Charli XCX’s previous album, Sucker, Charli started a pop music revolution. After joining forces with boundary-pushing label PC Music and releasing wild experimental singles, EPs, and mixtapes, her new album, Charli, released on September 13th, 2019, takes her new, unique style of pop music to new heights. Charli is genre-defying, […]

How To Survive The School Construction

Struggling with the constant rush of school and finding a way around the new changes around the school? Here are some tips from fellow students to help you feel more at ease.  

Fresh Fall Songs: a Spotify Playlist to Transition into Fall with

“Fresh Fall Songs” is a Spotify playlist designed to help you transition into fall. It features songs of all genres: pop, rock, and even hints of rap. However, its goal is to help you get into the relaxed fall mindset that this season is known for having.

Speaking with the Society: an Interview with Shakespeare Society’s Presidents

Co-President,11, Katie Werely-Bross talks with members Sarah Kurtz, 11, and Grace Czerwonky, 11, about the new play they were studying. The Club had just started Macbeth and were getting ready to start reading. “We teach as if people don’t know about Shakespeare. We cover basic things and ask basic questions: ‘Hey do you know this? […]

The Mixtape: Episode Four

Episode Four: On the Right Foot When a New Year begins, not only people are ready to let go of the negative thoughts and feelings that they hold but also to welcome the positive vibes, and Set It Off wants to make sure that happens. “Midnight Thoughts” is a single that the Tampa-based rock band […]

Joystick Reviews-the Destiny Series.

You’ve just woken up in the Old Russian Cosmodrome, to a robot voiced by Peter Dinklage or later, Nolan North. And the first thing you hear? “Eyes up, Guardian.” Then, you have to make a mad dash into a wall made of rusted metal, attempting to escape the creatures your new robot friend calls “Fallen.” […]

‘Tis the Season for Singing

A Devilishly Good Winter

Winter is truly one of the most wonderful times of the year, with the gorgeous weather, the time for family, the treats and sweets, and most of all, winter break! Whether you chose to spend your winter hours cozied up inside, huddled in the library studying for finals, whisking down Happy Hollow Hill in a […]

Fleetwood Mac Concert Review

The Fleetwood Mac concert at Bankers Life Field House on October 16th was an overall success. The stands were full, and it was a two hour throwback to the 80s for its viewers. The crowd was very diverse, composing of men and women ranging from the elderly to teens. The first half of the concert […]

Tricky Trivia

Test your Halloween knowledge by trying this trivia crossword!

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