Monday Mood / Friday Feels

Sometimes it seems as if Mondays are meant to be sad and Fridays are meant to be fun. Below are a collections of student suggested sad songs for Monday and fun songs for Friday. Check them out. Mopey Monday Everyone knows Mondays are for the sad and half awake people. This playlist captures that Monday […]

REACHing Out to Kids

REACH works hard to warn children of the negative effects of drugs at Homecoming.          

Printing Outside the Lines

Theater Club Practices for Perfection

Theater Club is already busy working on their upcoming presentation. They will be performing a play that is deep and moving, but still lighthearted enough to keep an upbeat atmosphere. “This play is a really exaggerated representation of middle school,” said Izzy Jones. “Tammy’s feeling of being a dinosaur is an allegory for feeling out […]

Second Home for the Fall-West Side Complex


Vista Dance Set-Up Photo Gallery


How to not sink this Inktober

Inktober is a challenge where you make an ink drawing everyday in the month of October based on a prompt.  It’s perfect for anyone who wants to exercise their creativity.  Click on the image below to access the list of prompts.

Homecoming Whips Up a Whirlwind Week



Do you know “The Princess Bride”?

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