“Jesus Is King” Album Review

On October 25th, 2019 Kanye West released Jesus is King. After much anticipation Kanye released his ninth album which has 11 tracks and is 27 minutes long. First of all, this album is not that good. Some of the songs are good, but some of the songs are just really bad. It’s honestly worse than […]

Speak of the Devil: Episode 2

On this episode of Speak of the Devil, the hosts will be joined by cross country runner Alec Meister, golfer Reagan Castens, and tennis player Aaron Morris. They will talk about their season so far and comment on their postseasons. Also mentioned are team dinners, SoundCloud rappers, and entrepreneurship. They also talk about game-day traditions, […]

Small but Mighty: Student Section gets Hype for Fall Sports

With a smaller school comes a smaller student section, but what our student section lacks in number is made up in spirit. Students look forward to Friday night lights and getting the perfect outfit to fit the theme. Fall is a busy season with football games on Friday nights and soccer and volleyball games during […]

Hip-Hop/Rap Poll

Over the past month we have conducted a poll to determine who is the most popular Hip-Hop/Rap artist this year. 25 random students submitted their votes as to who their favorite hip-hop/rap artist is. Juice Wrld was an overwhelming favorite with 8 votes. Coming is second and third were Post Malone and Young Thug with […]

How Well Do You Know Old Hollywood?

Click the link to take this quiz to learn how well you really know classic movies, the actors/actresses, and plots. Questions start out easy, but don’t be cocky. If you get 12/15, you are a certified old movie buff!    

Stealing One Foot For A Day

Review: Five Feet Apart Rarely would you ever meet someone fascinating in the one place where someone never wants to be: the hospital. But in the novel Five Feet Apart, it’s a chance a Cystic Fibrosis (CF) patient will take to break her routine of treatments and medicine. Stella Grant is used to being in […]

Movie Review – It Happened One Night

Though this movie is black and white, there is so much you can get out of it. During my film lit class this semester, I was able to watch a movie called It Happened One Night. If I’m being honest, I didn’t think I would actually find the movie as interesting as I did, as […]

Charli XCX Speaks to the Future on her New Album

In the 5 years since Charli XCX’s previous album, Sucker, Charli started a pop music revolution. After joining forces with boundary-pushing label PC Music and releasing wild experimental singles, EPs, and mixtapes, her new album, Charli, released on September 13th, 2019, takes her new, unique style of pop music to new heights. Charli is genre-defying, […]

How To Survive The School Construction

Struggling with the constant rush of school and finding a way around the new changes around the school? Here are some tips from fellow students to help you feel more at ease.  

Fresh Fall Songs: a Spotify Playlist to Transition into Fall with

[spotifyplaybutton play=”https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4ljI67OvzQKnzCzO3erg11″/] “Fresh Fall Songs” is a Spotify playlist designed to help you transition into fall. It features songs of all genres: pop, rock, and even hints of rap. However, its goal is to help you get into the relaxed fall mindset that this season is known for having.

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