Avengers is the ideal superhero movie

It began with the Hulk roaring and smashing, Captain America smacking soldiers with his shield, Hawk-Eye picking men off while standing in the back of a vehicle that was being whipped through a forest, Thor was throwing his hammer, and Tony Stark was attacking a large base and taking fire. The whole thing ended with […]

Reach insta-fame with Instagram

Instagram is a great social media that people can use to share their life through photos. Now, it is used for more than just entertainment, and could be said is an art form all of its own. If you want to gain instant followers, here are a few tips… 1. Don’t overuse filters. Too much filters on […]

Fast and Furious 7 hits theaters

It is finally here. The 7th movie of the Fast and Furious series was released on April 3rd, and it has been much anticipated since the end of Fast and Furious 6 when Jason Statham made an appearance and hype only grew when word got out that they had started production on the seventh one before the sixth […]

Summer blockbusters to watch

Jurassic World This movie follows the success of lead star Chris Pratt’s last summer hit Guardians of the Galaxy and returns viewers to the Jurassic universe.  One massive potential drawback is that the movie will have a new dinosaur that never actually existed and that might lessen its awe inducing visual effect. The Avengers Age of […]

Featured Artist: Sarah Scofield

In the music industry, operas have always been deemed beautiful, and to Sarah Scofield ’16, “Beautiful music is always beautiful music.” Scofield has always had a deep passion for singing, particularly opera, ever since she was a little kid. She was seven years old when she joined her first choir. What really inspired her to […]

Abbee’s 2015 Oscar predictions

The end of Hollywood’s award season is coming to an end.  Both the Emmy’s and the Golden Globes have come and gone, but arguably the most important award in Hollywood will be given out on February 22nd, the Oscar.  This year there is a lack of diversity in the nomination, but there is no lack […]

“Into the Woods” proves musicals aren’t just for girls

I had to trick my own father into seeing the new musical “Into the Woods.”  When I told him the title, he thought I was talking about “Wild”, the adaptation of the Cheryl Strayed novel…and I let him believe it. My dad, as have so many other males, has bought into the common misconception that […]

Jazz Band rocks the stage

The West Side Jazz Band is a seemingly unknown entity outside of the music groups of the school, but it is a vibrant and active part of the music culture of West Side High. While certainly not as large as Band or Orchestra, Jazz Band has many members. It is divided into two groups, the […]

Parks and Rec enters last season

Around six years ago now, the first season of Parks and Recreation was aired. Like every show ever, it has seen its share of ups and downs. Now, as the show approaches the halfway mark in its seventh and last season, it looks as if it will be one of its best. If you had stayed up to […]

Sam Day speaks to the world

Sam Day ’16 became interested in languages in 8th grade when he began taking German class. Now, Day studies in German 4, Spanish 3, and French 3, as well as learning Russian, Korean, and Italian outside of school using websites and apps. Day’s favorite part about learning languages is the grammar part, he said, “everyone hates […]

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