Popular Songs Changed Throughout School History

West Side has been around for a while, and though the school itself hasn’t changed much, the students in it have and the music they listened to as well. From Bing Crosby to Sheck Wes, music has changed a lot. So sit back, relax, and travel back in time to the music that our predecessors […]

How Much Sleep Do You Get Each Day?

  SLEEPING STUDENTS: Many students who don’t get enough sleep feel overly tired and may fall asleep in class. Excessive tiredness can also cause many health issues. Do you get enough sleep each night?

The Mixtape: Episode Two

Episode Two: A New Beginning It has been nearly five years since Canadian singer Avril Lavigne dropped a studio album, and after not being in the spotlight for a long time, she has released her comeback single Head Above Water on Sept. 19. Lavigne is most known for her punk-influenced pop anthems and grunge ballads […]

Could you Survive a Round of Golf?

Autumn Customs Around the World

On Average, How Long do you Study For?

Review of Shalane Flanagan’s “Run Fast, Eat Slow”

For many healthy eaters across the US, Shalane Flanagan’s, Run Fast, Eat Slow recipe book has been the rave of the runner community. Flanagan is a four time Olympian, including a silver medal in the 10,000m run. She currently runs for the Nike Bowerman Project, and won the New York City Marathon in 2017. She […]

Letter Weather

As the weather starts to cool down this fall, more students are choosing to wear scarlet and grey leather jackets to block the brisk breeze. To wear the jacket with a “WL” on it is an honor given only to the select to receive the stark white piece of paper with the words “Varsity Letter” […]

Joystick Reviews: Fire Emblem

LET THE WAIFU WARS BEGIN! Hello, students of West Lafayette Jr/Sr High School.  I am the Joystick, and I shall be reviewing various video games, for your entertainment and enlightenment! Our first game shall be a classic staple of strategy that also features a dating simulator. From Japan’s Intelligent Systems, it’s Fire Emblem! Fire Emblem […]

The Mixtape: Episode One

Episode One: A Personal History Through Song The Good Parts is American singer Andy Grammer’s fourth and latest album, released on Dec. 1, 2017. Grammar described this album to be different from his other releases because the lyrics delve deeply into matters of his personal life. Known for his bold lyricism in his songs, this […]

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