A Crazy Good Movie

Without much to do in the sleepy town of West Lafayette on a Saturday night, the idea of seeing a movie sounded somewhat appealing for once. Thinking of the countless movie trailers I had seen over the past few weeks on TV, one in specific came to mind that sounded particularly interesting; Crazy Rich Asians. The movie […]

Mellowed Out

A Playlist That Can Relate To Your Feelings Every day that passes isn’t always full of positivity. Sometimes, there is a need to let go of the negativity within, whether it be getting over your low self-esteem, a problem in your relationship, or anything else. Below is a small collection with some of my favorite […]

A Spark Starts While Trapped In A Library

The first place you would think of ending up trapped is certainly not a library, but in the novel By Your Side by Kasie West, this is apparently a lot more likely. Told through the perspective of a high school senior, Autumn Collins finds herself accidentally locked in a library for the entire MLK holiday […]

Pentatonix Brings the Thunder to Indiana

On Wednesday September 12, Pentatonix fans from all over Indiana were finally able to hear the acappella group’s sweet vocals. The Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana, hosted Scott Hoying, Kirstin Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, Kevin Olusola, and Matt Sallee, for the 2018 Pentatonix tour. Matt Sallee is Pentatonix’s newest member who took the […]

Getting in the Zone

Everyone can agree that it’s important to get in the zone before any big event. Whether it’s a math test or a big game, we all have different things that get us ready. For the senior football players, it’s music. If you’ve ever been to a game at Gordon Straley Field, you know that when […]

Sending Love to “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before has hit Netflix and if my Instagram explore page is any indication, people have been obsessed with it. Based on Jenny Han’s bestselling novel, this adaptation has been captivating people with its feel-good main couple, relatable self-awareness, and feisty sisters of the Covey household. As for my opinion, […]

Pass ’em Right

Friday, December 8th 2017 after school at 4:00 p.m. in Mr. Leffert’s room, Game Club assembled for their weekly meeting. This time, they decided to play “Magic: The Gathering,” a  trading card game that is played with big decks of cards that are passed around from player to player. The cards are passed to the […]

15 Essentials to Keep You Cozy

15 Essentials to Keep You Cozy this Winter   Extra-Fluffy™ Throw Blanket Chilly winter weather is quickly approaching. In winter wonderland, you can pet all the polar bears you want. However, in real life, if you try to pet one, you’ll get mauled. Get this Extra-Fluffy Throw Blanket instead! https://www.berkshireblanket.com/extra-fluffy-throw-blanket/product/E0075 Marshmallow Smiling Faces Cute Mugs […]

Pancakes or Waffles?

Monday Mood / Friday Feels

Sometimes it seems as if Mondays are meant to be sad and Fridays are meant to be fun. Below are a collections of student suggested sad songs for Monday and fun songs for Friday. Check them out. Mopey Monday Everyone knows Mondays are for the sad and half awake people. This playlist captures that Monday […]

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