How well do you know Rihanna?

Half T-Rex Half Human?

Don’t Forget About The Fall Play! If lately you have walked by Mrs.Good’s room after school, you might have noticed the  happy laughter and unique roaring sounds coming from behind the closed door. You might have been curious as to what caused that laughter or what made the roar. The answer to that curiosity is […]

Which TV show should I watch next?

Hidden Arts

Natalie Teibel is an amazing artist, but no one really knows it. Now she going to show the school some of her work. Natalie said that she would walk pass the old mural everyday down by the athletic office, and since she is in tech class here at West Side, she went up and asked […]

Odd Talents

The word Odd can also have the same meaning as unusual or unique. Having an odd talent is a good thing. We interviewed a teacher, Ms. Dixon, and a student, Sydney Bradley. Each of them showed their odd, but cool talent. Ms. Dixon can put a Smartie under her lip, and then reach her tongue […]

Breath of the Wild is a breath of fresh air

After almost six years of development time, Nintendo has finally released one of the developer’s most ambitious projects to date, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” and it definitely delivers. Nintendo’s main goal when creating this game was to break many of the franchise’s old traditions. The game is on a completely different […]

“Get Out” and see Jordan Peele’s first movie

So far in 2017, moviegoers have been obsessing over the recently released horror content. Movies like “Get Out” are the most striking. “Get Out”, directed by Jordan Peele, is a genuinely scary film that takes a jab at liberal racism. Throughout the entire film, audiences are sitting on the edge of their seats with fear. The plot […]

Celia: The star of John Lennon and me

It’s important to recognize the students at our school who have done something special. This audio story features freshman Celia Pardillo- Lopez, who was the lead in the civic play, John Lennon and Me. Listen to her journey from bonding with her character to a performance that earned many tears and a standing ovation at […]

Students’ thoughts on The Lego Batman Movie

This is a review of Warner Animation Group’s third movie, The Lego Batman Movie. We ask Samuele Bevilacqua and Blake Finke.

Seussical Photo Gallery

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