The Friends that Sing

Priority Male is an a cappella group composed of 19 high school guys singing, clapping and dancing without instruments. The club meets at lunch on Tuesdays and Thursday at 1 pm. On September 27, all the choirs had a concert and Priority Male sang 2 songs with solos from seniors; Mitch Witt, Luke Ritchie and […]

Music Department Concerts

This Fall, West Lafayette High School put on three consecutive concerts. Choir on September 27th, orchestra on October 3rd, and band on October 11th. The choir, run by Mr. Waltz had a successful concert as usual. Many have said that it was a great start to the year and that it sounded extremely good. Mr. […]

Lipsync Contest

The Scarlette would like to invite any and all lip syncers to participate in a once-in-a-millennia chance to show your silent skill. Everyone who wants to participate needs to take a video of themselves or a group performing a tune. All you have to do is not sing. Videos can be submitted via the Scarlette’s […]

Movie Studio will be a new addition to Media Center

Students will soon be able to walk into a room off the library and record and save high-definition video, all with a single remote. The concept is really simple, a movie recording studio where three buttons control the entire system. Ms. Hinman, the new School Librarian, discovered the idea of a “super simple media recording […]

Write Your Heart Out!

Fall is coming, and while everyone is itching for pumpkin spice and Halloween, the English department is looking forward to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Many teachers are urging their students to enter one of the 29 categories, including Comic Art, Video Games, Journalism, and Dramatic Script. The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards has […]

The Art Department is Changing

Mrs. Kincaid has been a long time junior high art teacher.  At the beginning of this year she made a pretty big change in her everyday teaching life, and moved up to high school.  This change has brought her to teaching drawing, ceramics, painting and introduction to 2-D art.   Kincaid has been a favorite […]

Rena Johnson shares her love of film

“Film at this point is a part of who I am,” said Rena Johnson ‘16, co-founder of West Side’s Cinema Club. She enjoys watching movies as well as making her own. She especially likes “coming-of-age” or “slice of life” movies. Johnson hasn’t always been interested in films and filmmaking. What sparked her interest originally was […]

Film lit is in high demand

This year, the film literature class is in high demand again. When it’s time to make schedules, tons of students put Film Literature on their list because of what students have told them. And the students that end up taking the class, are rarely disappointed due in large part to the material of the class […]

Perfect Pitches

One Reporter’s Endeavour into Harmonic Heaven 12:55 I sit alone in the choir room, contemplating the qualities of the tranquil 12:56 Absence of Sound takes residence in my head 12:57 The silent stowaway scurries off to the whisper of voices in the hall 12:58 Three perfect pitches walk in, sounds like an E, F, and […]

Homecoming decorating

Homecoming week is always one of the best weeks of the first semester because of the hard work that Student Council puts into the event. The dressing up and the decorations all around the school are some of the better parts of the week, all leading up to the pep rally and football game on […]

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