See Pictures from This Year’s Fall Play

Fresh off the Stove: New Cafeteria and Kitchen

PSAT 101

The cafeteria’s debut delayed until January

When it comes to construction Courtney FitzSimons, the head of the new cafeteria, says it best, “The biggest thing is, anytime you’re working with construction there’s so many moving pieces that it doesn’t always come together when it’s supposed to.” And that’s exactly what happened to the highly anticipated cafeteria. The cafeteria was supposed to […]

2019 Ironman Volleyball Tournament

Vista Sets up for Homecoming

Girls Soccer vs. Harrison

Ms. Croy’s Anatomy Class Dissects Rats

Travel is the Reason for the Season

In this video, Jack McCain and Harrison Truitt set out to find what some fellow Red Devils are planning to do over winter break. As they travel around West Lafayette to interview some students, they come across some extravagant travel plans. While some people prefer staying home for the holidays, others are driving to bordering […]

To Recite or Not to Recite, That is the Question

The 4th Annual National Shakespeare Monologue Competition was a smashing success here at West Side. Students from all grades arrived to recite the best monologues from the annals of The Bard, William Shakespeare. Also yes, there was a reward for all participants in the form of cookies and games afterward. To get an idea of […]

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