Cowboy Cookie Scone Recipe

Ingredients 1/2 C instant oats 1/2 C non-fat Greek yogurt 3 tbsp pure maple syrup 4 tbsp milk 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 C flour 1 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon 1 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/4 tsp salt 1 tbsp unsalted butter 2 tbsp mini chocolate chips 1 tbsp finely diced pecans 1 tbsp shredded […]

Tricky Trivia

Test your Halloween knowledge by trying this trivia crossword!

Helping at Halloween

UNICEF is selling goodie bags to help solve children’s problems around the world

5 Ways to Slow Down Global Warming and Climate Change

Imagine what were to happen to this scenic creek if climate change continued, which would prevent tourists from seeing this breathtaking view. Beyond all the news surrounding politics, the problem with climate change and global warming are gradually going out of control. Changes can’t be made in one huge step but we can possibly eradicate […]

Fall Word Search


Showing up for a sporting event is a necessity for everyone, but especially Superfan Captains. Being a Superfan Captain comes with a lot of responsibility, making sure the student section is alive and cheering throughout the entire game. As once done by our youngest captain Miguel Van der Mensbrugghe. He was chosen among five seniors […]

Fall Play Opens Its Doors

On November 2, the fall play, Will and Whimsy, opened its doors to the public and brought Shakespeare to the student body. The cast and crew of Will and Whimsy donned their costumes in class that day as they got ready for their opening. Friday night, at 7pm, community members and students alike convened in […]

Flag Football Hustles and Makes History

September 29, 2018 is a day that will go down in West Side history. On the cool and cloudy fall afternoon, people gathered with excitement to see the Best Buddies club participate in its first ever IHSAA-approved Unified Flag Football game. “I’m the president of Best Buddies, and I’m so excited to be here and […]

West Lafayette football faces Andrean High school for the sectional title.

On Friday November 2, 2018 the West Lafayette football teamed faced Andrean High School at Gordon Straley Field for the class 3A sectional championship title. The stands were filled with red devil fans, big and small, ready to cheer on their team. From students to parents to members of the community, hundreds of people came […]

Starbucks Sippers

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