High School Students trying exotic snacks

  West side has a plethora of cultures, and with that comes many different types of food. So we decided to have some of our students try cool and interesting exotic snacks. Even though some of them did not have the best reaction, everyone agreed that it was a learning experience. We also wanted to […]

How to do Taxes as a Minor

The bees are endangered

Bees have recently been added to the list of endangered species by the Fish and Wildlife Service.  It is vital to save the bees because without them, pollination wouldn’t occur. Pollination leads to the growth of fruits and vegetables. Without bees, no food would be on our shelves, so it is beneficial to us to […]

Qualities That Make a Great Coach

“Get Out” and see Jordan Peele’s first movie

So far in 2017, moviegoers have been obsessing over the recently released horror content. Movies like “Get Out” are the most striking. “Get Out”, directed by Jordan Peele, is a genuinely scary film that takes a jab at liberal racism. Throughout the entire film, audiences are sitting on the edge of their seats with fear. The plot […]

How did April Fools become a holiday?

There are many theories on how April Fools’ Day became a holiday, but the one that shows most evidence is linked to Pope Gregory XIII. He adopted the Gregorian calendar in the late 1500’s, which moved our year from March to January 1st. The change did not reach many people, and so they celebrated New […]

Celia: The star of John Lennon and me

It’s important to recognize the students at our school who have done something special. This audio story features freshman Celia Pardillo- Lopez, who was the lead in the civic play, John Lennon and Me. Listen to her journey from bonding with her character to a performance that earned many tears and a standing ovation at […]

Students’ thoughts on The Lego Batman Movie

This is a review of Warner Animation Group’s third movie, The Lego Batman Movie. We ask Samuele Bevilacqua and Blake Finke.

China Trip: Musicians show their talents.

The West Lafayette Jazz Band and Choir had the privilege of going across the Pacific Ocean to China. While they were there, the students and teachers got to explore Chinese culture and visit cool places, like the Great Wall. They also got to present some of our culture and music to them. Here, in this […]

Productivity in school

West Side is known for being a school with massive amounts of homework. With homework, comes stress, pressure, and sleep deprivation. Is this directly correlated to lack of productivity in class or do distractions contribute more to the issue? In this clip, Elaine Rand and Hope Johnson discuss the pressures and work that they encounter […]

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