How Many Finals Are You Taking?

Lights, Camera, Reaction! – All-Time Classics

By Sadie Alge and Meredith Carnahan There are some films that have such loveable characters, such a compelling plot, and such a timeless movie-watching experience that they go down in history as an instant classic. Star Wars and Jurassic Park fit that category well, charming audiences when they first came to theaters and continuing to […]

Decisions, Decisions…

Students and counselors sort out next year’s schedules While there is still one quarter left of this school year, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are already preparing for next year by scheduling their classes. This can be an unnerving time for many who are unsure about what their future holds, or are being faced with difficult […]

The Batman Movie Review (Spoiler-free)

As we know there’s a certain movie receiving a lot of praise in the movie industry. This is the new movie starring Robert Pattinson, The Batman (PG-13). The Batman was a movie about the crime fighting crusader Batman in his second year as a superhero in Gotham City. You track Batman using his skills to […]

Where do you like to spring break?

Have you ever wondered where most other students spend their spring break? Just think about all of the different families and places they travel. I surveyed a group of 144 students grades 9-12 to see where people are planning to spend their spring break. I asked if they were planning to stay home or travel, […]

Unpacking Uncharted

The new 2022 movie, Uncharted, was released on February 18th of this year.  It is an action-adventure film that stars some very well known actors, such as Tom Holland (Nathan Drake) and Mark Wahlberg (Victor Sullivan).  Uncharted is based off of a part of the video game game series called, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. In the […]

Hay Day The Addictive Game

  One of the most popular games that people play now is called Hay Day. Hay Day is a game where the setting is on a farm and you have to complete a certain number of tasks to deliver to other people. On your farm you can get different animals such as pigs, chickens, cows, […]

REACH Coffee Fundraiser

On Wednesday March 30, 2022 members of REACH sold coffee in the cafeteria. Hannah Park (11), Alice Kim (10), Katharine Schertz(12), Fiona Dierckman(9), Grace Lee(9), and Margaret Prokopy (12) helped fundraise for the REACH club by selling coffee in the cafeteria from 7:30 to 8:15 in the morning. “When I saw the cafeteria was doing […]

Going Big

    Many of you may have seen the movie Sing, where a koala named Buster Moon makes his movie theater go from small and unknown to big and world wide. He does this by hosting a singing contest with a large cash prize for whomever the winner is. Sing ends with Buster and all […]

Robots Coming Through!