Singing into the new school year

New Choir Teacher Joseph Nizich has successfully taken over West Side’s choir program First year teacher, Joseph Gerard Nizich, from Long Island, New York, a 2017 graduate from Indiana University, has successfully taken over the choir program here at West Lafayette Jr. Sr. High School. “I got through my first week,” he jokingly described when asked […]

Beyond the Numbers: Korey Pritchett unveils the man behind the math

A new school year means there are going to be new faces. There are not only quite a few new students, there are quite a few new teachers. One of those teachers is Kory Pritchett. He teaches Algebra 1, Geometry, and a period of Math 8. Describing his experience at West Side, Pritchett said “It […]

Nicholas Dunn teaches in and out of the classroom

On your mark. The flag is raised. Runners take their marks. Deep breaths. Focus. Everything goes still. The silence engulfs the mind. The gun goes off. The flag comes down. The race begins. Nicholas Dunn has been in this position many times. As a college athlete, Dunn provides deep insights to the track team. “I […]

Teaching Diversity

Piedad Corredor-Sanchez is the new Spanish teacher from Bogota Colombia. Even though she is a new teacher at West Side, she is no stranger to the school. “I came here to study at Purdue and I really loved the school. My kids studied and graduated here, I thought it was a place where my kids […]

Captured by Computers

Mr. Hamilton spends his workdays in the dungeon. Okay, not the literal dungeon, but it is definitely not a part of the school either of us have ever been to before: the technology wing. While to most students this room, hidden under the staircase like something straight out of Harry Potter, is a seemingly insignificant […]

Cooking up a storm

Nicole Pachasa’s enjoyment and passion for cooking really changed her life, and getting the job at West Side fulfilled her dream. One thing Miss Pachasa has special about her is being able to juggle her teaching life with an upcoming wedding to plan. Miss Pachasa said “I went to IUPUI for one year then transferred […]

New Health and PE Teacher

“I’ve known that I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was in sixth grade, as crazy as that might sound,” Megan Hubbard said. She credited her inspiration to her elementary school gym teacher, who she said got every student excited about PE. Her own experience with sports also gave her insight into what a […]

Avery captivated by the respectful diverse community of WL

Though being a sub teacher for a semester each in both language arts and the school library is new to Jennifer Avery,  common stereotypical struggles for new sub teachers haven’t been an issue. “It’s very diverse here, the school that I came from wasn’t diverse at all. When I came here I  was really pleasantly […]

Ms. Gwin’s Return Benefits Many

Rebecca Gwin has more in common with the average West Sider than meets the eye. She used to walk the halls as a student and has come back to teach future generations.  But it’s not easy.  She not only teaches chemistry, but also German, and ICP. “Sometimes I am internally speaking German and I spit […]

New Guidance

  “When I was in high school , I didn’t really have a counselor. We had one who did our scheduling, but as far as college prep, I was on my own,” says new high school counselor, Jessica Theaderman. This was the main reason she became interested in being a high school counselor, to provide […]

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