Not An Actively Typical Monday

PE Students Break Out Of Routine It’s one of those days where a teacher is absent for a day and a substitute teacher is called in to take over the teacher’s classes for a short period of time or the whole day. During seventh period on October 21st, most of P.E. teacher Shane Fry’s class […]

Movie Review – It Happened One Night

Though this movie is black and white, there is so much you can get out of it. During my film lit class this semester, I was able to watch a movie called It Happened One Night. If I’m being honest, I didn’t think I would actually find the movie as interesting as I did, as […]

Make Someone’s Day

 1. What’s one way you could make someone’s day? Sophomore Matthew Kane says… “I think just saying hi to people in the hallways and being friendly in general could make someones day.” Junior Alyson Haehl says… “Giving compliments and saying things like how pretty they look or something could really make a difference.” Senior Bryson […]

4 Quick and Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Speak of the Devil: Episode 1

The first ever episode of Speak of the Devil, a sports broadcast hosted by Hojun Yun, Joey Gavin, Kiersten Wood, and Ava Doty, features varsity soccer players Noah Stenberg and Gwen Barnett. They comment on their seasons thus far and predict how far they see their post season going. They also talk about the new […]

Vista Sets up for Homecoming

Tests and Stress- The Devils Advocate

What’s your best studying method for big tests? Juinor Molly Kormanis says… “I really like using flashcards to study for big tests.” Freshman Minnie Liang says… “I usually get my friends to quiz me or I do Quizlet questions and flashcards.”  Senior Adam Earnst says… “Just make sure you pay attention in class and actually […]

Get to Know Your Yearbook Staff!

Fresh Fall Songs: a Spotify Playlist to Transition into Fall with

“Fresh Fall Songs” is a Spotify playlist designed to help you transition into fall. It features songs of all genres: pop, rock, and even hints of rap. However, its goal is to help you get into the relaxed fall mindset that this season is known for having.

The new cafeteria will be expanding students’ horizons and lunches

 Want to build your own pizza? Want pasta today? Build your own tacos? How about the classic rotating lunches that we all love? And our beloved french fries? All of these options will be available in the new cafeteria coming next month, right after fall break.  The new cafeteria will be emulating the style of […]

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