West Side Embraces ZipGrade as Scantron Machine on Its Last Legs

Scantron has long been the go-to system for grading multiple-choice exams at West Side due to its convenience over other systems. Teachers can quickly grade hundreds of tests simply by bringing completed bubble sheets to the school’s Scantron machine. But over the last few years, the Scantron machine has been showing signs of age: teachers […]

The start of the year for the a cappella groups was in perfect harmony

Now that it’s October, clubs and organizations are in full swing, not excluding the revered a cappella groups, Perfect Pitches and Priority Male. Perfect Pitches had their first performance on Sunday, September 22 at the choir concert. The heads of the Perfect Pitches and Priority Male, Alice Lin and Gavin Duffy, respectively, recently held auditions […]

Speaking with the Society: an Interview with Shakespeare Society’s Presidents

Co-President,11, Katie Werely-Bross talks with members Sarah Kurtz, 11, and Grace Czerwonky, 11, about the new play they were studying. The Club had just started Macbeth and were getting ready to start reading. “We teach as if people don’t know about Shakespeare. We cover basic things and ask basic questions: ‘Hey do you know this? […]

Ultimate Fall Night

Special Cases

Swanson’s view on special education teaching experience “Relationships is what I’ve found is a big part of special education. It’s getting to know the kids and knowing their strengths and weaknesses and how to make those work,” said Mrs. Becky Swanson, the new Basic Skills Development (BSD) teacher. Swanson earned a degree in elementary education, […]

Different places, same attitude

Molly Fordyce shares great love for teaching, no matter the place “I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and coach. Both of my parents started out as teachers, and my dad was a principal and a coach so education is just sort of in my blood. I’ve always loved kids ever since I was a […]

A Whirlwind of a Start

New Counselor Jumps Right Into a New Job The start of a new school year brings many feelings. Some are excited for the new opportunities that come with a new school. Other people are nervous. Candace Dobson was hired just weeks before school started, leaving no time for her to be excited or nervous. “It’s […]

Fresh off campus:

Mrs. Brooks takes on being a band director Mrs. Brooks is a new band director fresh out of college. She graduated from college just this past May from Vandercook College in Chicago Illinois. “My school was primarily a music education conservatory so everyone that graduated from my college became a music educator, it was very […]

New attendance secretary, Tiana the princess alike

Mrs. Bonnell is more similar to Tiana, from The Princess and the Frog, than people would think. Mrs. Bonnell is West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High School’s newest attendance secretary.  “I like to be busy, and this is busy, all day long,”Bonnell said. As the attendance secretary, she doesn’t have a prep hour or study hall, but […]

New Math Teacher Brings Real Life Experience into Classroom

After using math in a real life situation, new teacher Ms. Kylee German looks to help others learn the importance of math.  Some people have a natural interest in certain things. Others have a certain event occur that piques their interest in a subject. For  German it is both. She had a very unique experience […]

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