Hidden Gems

      As the cold weather settles in, it is often hard to find fun indoor activities. Monster Golf provides the solution to bad weather slumps. Open year round, this place truly takes mini-golfing to a new level.      After walking in, your eyes will adjust to the neon lights that highlight the amount of neon […]

Dating for Dumbos

Now that you have some basic skills for getting the girl of your dreams, and you’ve talked to her (hopefully); it’s time to take the next plunge: asking her on a date. Many teenage boys have the preconceived notion that girls like when you plan an extravagant way of asking her out, such as gifting […]

Grab ‘n’ Go and new food success in cafeteria

            Yogurt parfait. Personal Pizza. Plastic lunch trays. All these things plus more make up the new additions and changes made in the food department here at school. The new food is part of an attempt to have more students buy lunch at school. Because of open campus, this is […]

Student Survival 101–Club Control

 By Alyse Allred Over the last couple weeks, I’ve noticed a change in the locker bays (aside from the fresh, first-nine-weeks stench). Whereas earlier everything was barren, we are now practically drowning in brightly colored fliers. This, of course, can only mean one thing: The clubs have arrived. With the first term nearing its end, […]

Featured artist Mayfawny Bergmann

  If you’ve been to any West Side theater production in the last three years, then you’ve watched senior Mayfawny Bergmann preform–she’s been in every musical and play since her freshman year most recently as part of The Ensemble in last year’s musical Little Mary Sunshine.When asked what she likes about acting, she at first […]

Student Survival 101: Textbook Troubles

By Alyse Allred Well, it’s that time of year again, when the school bell lassos in the students from that oh-so-short summer vacation.  As always, West Side welcomes students, both new and returning.  On this note, it might be good to start the year mentioning some safety guidelines regarding textbooks that probably aren’t in your […]

New year, new changes

Change seems to be the theme of this school year. Just look at the new commons area, the plethora of new teachers, or the “Grab N Go” in the commons area. Particularly standout are the new red trays that have replaced the old Styrofoam ones Put in place by the ECO club, this change began […]

Hidden Gems

  To the people at Exploration Acres, corn isn’t just a four letter word, nor is it merely food to be harvested and sold. At Exploration Acres, corn is the building block of a massive maze. It is home to the largest corn maze in Northern Indiana, which measures about 18 acres and is comprised […]

New West Side Staff

WEST SIDE WELCOMES NEW STAFF Mr. Quimpo- Physics I Teacher Originally from Orange County, California Obtained Graduate Degree in Chemistry from Purdue Enjoys Photography as a hobby If he weren’t a teacher, he would like to work at a science museum or a zoo Spends his time measuring things As a high schooler, he was […]

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