When Protective becomes Possessive

You may have the common misconception that the girlfriend is always the possessive one in a relationship. Womankind has gained the reputation of being very clingy, which I’m not going to refute because it’s true in many a situation. But before you start pointing your finger in a relationship, please reflect on your own actions. […]

Where should I go to lunch?

Learn about Techie Zach Baiel

                        Perhaps you’ve seen him tinkering with a problematic computer during a class. You might have glanced at him setting up the television sets in the commons area or explaining a new piece of technology to a teacher. Maybe you’ve even spent a passing […]

Rediscover the Internet

Pintrest, by Abby Bien When Pinterest.com started to become popular, some people were confused at the concept. Is it just a website full of pictures? What do you do on there, just stare at pictures all day? Well, the answer is yes and yes. Although it may sound like a simple and unoriginal idea, Pinterest […]

Red Devils ring in the year of the dragon

     A Chinese proverb says that all creations are reborn on New Year’s Day. This year, many will be reigning in the new year on January 23, 2012–the date of the Chinese New Year and the 4710th year, according to the Chinese calendar. This most important Chinese holiday isn’t just celebrated within Asia, but around […]

Hidden Gems

   Echo Karaoke’s customers sing in style     When I say “Karaoke,” you probably picture off-key, aspiring singers, in their mid-twenties that take heart in embarrassing themselves regularly for a crowd of the same demographic in a run-down club full of health code violations on “Open Mic Night.” Echo Karaoke squashes that image the minute someone […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Facebook and Relationships

During your relationship, you will inevitably encounter problems with the social networking site, Facebook. The widely-known site has become a breeding ground for annoying couples. Here are a few tips to keep your friends from virtually barfing. I have said it before. Don’t change your relationship status right after you ask a girl out. Also don’t […]

“Mission Impossible 4” Review

“Mission Impossible 4: Ghost protocol” starts out with the same theme song as the previous three movies, for continuity’s sake. However, I went to see this movie without knowing what the previous three movies had been about. This did not turn out to be a problem, as most of the characters seemed to be different, […]

Holiday traditions are as varied as West Siders

Streets everywhere are being flooded with bright Christmas lights, the Black Friday rush has come and gone, and finals are fast approaching. Add in the first layer of snow a few weeks ago, and many West Siders are full into the holiday spirit. Traditions are a big part of any holiday, and several students have […]

Student Survival 101–How to survive this winter break

By Alyse Allred Squeaking hallways. Holiday music between classes. A holly, jolly atmosphere mingled with the “get us the heck out of here” aura. All the signs are pointing to one thing: Christmas Break. It’s that wonderful time of year when we finally have time to do all the nothing that we’ve missed out on. […]

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