Fall Play Opens Its Doors

On November 2, the fall play, Will and Whimsy, opened its doors to the public and brought Shakespeare to the student body. The cast and crew of Will and Whimsy donned their costumes in class that day as they got ready for their opening. Friday night, at 7pm, community members and students alike convened in […]

Flag Football Hustles and Makes History

September 29, 2018 is a day that will go down in West Side history. On the cool and cloudy fall afternoon, people gathered with excitement to see the Best Buddies club participate in its first ever IHSAA-approved Unified Flag Football game. “I’m the president of Best Buddies, and I’m so excited to be here and […]

West Lafayette football faces Andrean High school for the sectional title.

On Friday November 2, 2018 the West Lafayette football teamed faced Andrean High School at Gordon Straley Field for the class 3A sectional championship title. The stands were filled with red devil fans, big and small, ready to cheer on their team. From students to parents to members of the community, hundreds of people came […]

Starbucks Sippers

That’s a Fact, Jack: Episode 2

From the studios of  WLHS library comes That’s a Fact Jack, a tri-weekly podcast hosted by West Lafayette Media Team members Harrison Truitt, Hudson Gorup, and Jack McCain. On today’s spooky edition, Jack gives us his explanation towards his DARE water chugging catastrophe, explains why diversifying the sport of golf was important, spooks us with […]

Jimmy John’s or Subway?

What’s Your Favorite Halloween Candy?

With Spooky Season in our past, our buckets are still filled from the extravagant night. While some chose the delicious route of chocolates, others went for the fruitiness flavor filled gummies. Take this poll to give your input on what your favorite Halloween candy is.

Do you know your teachers?

Being a superhero with Anime Club

“Do you need powers to be a Hero?” Anime Club says no to that question, and yes to a photo! Mrs. Gates, for quite some time, has played host to the group of students known as Anime Club. Every Wednesday, during 6th hour or High School lunch, they band up to watch various anime from […]

Blooming Personality

Moving here from Orlando, Florida Arwa Al-Mutairi is thriving at West Lafayette High School. It has been quite different for her as now the environment is vastly different compared to her previous school. “I was in an Islamic-American curriculum school, there were a few Kuwaiti girls that I knew, all of the students were Arabic, it […]

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