Earth Space Students Prepare for Finals

On Wednesday, December 14th, I interviewed Emilia Kaluta, 11, and Andrew Falk, 12, about their study habits for finals. Though they differ in their answers, they both have the same final goal, which is to do well. Finals week can often seem very stressful for many students, but most can agree that if you prepare […]

WeSSo Lends a Hand

  We all pass the light pink bulletin board labeled “WeSSo” daily, but do we really know what WeSSo is? WeSSo stands for “West Side Student Service Organization”, and it’s an all girls club. They meet once a month on a Monday. The club’s mission statement is to help those in our school and community […]

Students take Advantage of Their Lunch Hour

We asked our Twitter followers “Where do you spend your lunch hour?” 88% of those who answered the poll said they take advantage of our school’s open lunch and head off campus for lunch (either home or out with friends). The other 12% prefer to hang around the building in the Media Center or the […]

Four things everyone should keep in their car this winter.

Do New ID’s Increase Safety?

Identification cards are used extensively at West Side. In past years, it was used for simple forms like getting into football games and figuring out which bus to get onto. Now they are being used to increase the safety of the school, by unlocking the doors at certain times of the day. But what do students […]

The Effect of Pets in Students’ Lives

Pets, pets, pets. They are everywhere. Ranging from iguanas, tropical birds, sugar gliders, and the common dogs and cats, many people keep domestic animals in their homes. Approximately 44% of all U.S. households have a dog, and 35% have a cat. (Source: American Pet Products Association 2015-2016 (APPA)) Two students were interviewed about the impact that their […]

A Gift Giving Guide for Broke Students

Best Buddies Gather for Thanksgiving

Club members and buddies gathered together after school on Monday, November 20th in the cafeteria to celebrate Thanksgiving with a scavenger hunt and feast. Buddy pairs were given clues to find their food items, which were hidden throughout the school. After a count down, teams sped through the halls on the first floor. Bags of […]

Everyday Makeup Routine

HCO Contributes to the Community

Giving back to the community is a goal for many different organizations. Helping out around the area may include picking up trash you see on the curb or donating food to the local food bank. HCO is a club at West Lafayette High School that works with the children in local areas.  Club member Daniel […]

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