Tips for completing the Common Application

Senior year has begun and many students have starting preparing for college the application process. Students can use the Common Application to do their essay and college applications. The Common Application is an undergraduate college admission application that students can use to apply to more than just one college. Some students have already started theirs […]

National Honors Society: Every Student’s Solution to Complex Problems

With midterm reports having already been sent out, some students may have found their grades to have exceeded expectations, while others may have been disappointed. For those in the latter category, the National Honor Society has a solution for you. “The main goal of this chapter of the National Honor Society is, specifically here, tutoring,” […]

West Lafayette Football Quiz


Crazy Rich Asians’ Crazy Rich Debut

Crazy Rich Asians hits theaters and makes an impact on both people and the movie industry Crazy Rich Asians hit theaters on August 15, and once I heard that it featured a cast made entirely of Asians, I knew I had to see it. I would say that the movie is similar to the common […]

Westside Boiler Invasion Builds Up to Competition Season

It’s lunchtime. You’re strolling through the halls when suddenly you stumble upon a robot in the commons. Who brought this metal machine into the school? The Westside Boiler Invasion robotics team, of course! WBI is a club that builds robots, competes with them, and all the while completes website coding and organizes outreach events. WBI […]

Filling the Future with Opportunity

HOSA club members optimistic on future opportunities the club provides Many patients take their doctors’ expertise for granted. From check-ups to physical therapy to nursing, medical professionals can take many different forms. Most people don’t realize how to start the extensive journey of becoming an expert in a health field. Working towards becoming medical professionals […]


Big games may seem like nothing more than that weekend’s entertainment, but in reality, they’re the making of nearly 80 years of rivalry feuds. It’s no doubt that football rivalries mean a lot to the team, the fans and the community. The games with the largest crowd turnout are the ones where we are facing […]

Getting in the Zone

Everyone can agree that it’s important to get in the zone before any big event. Whether it’s a math test or a big game, we all have different things that get us ready. For the senior football players, it’s music. If you’ve ever been to a game at Gordon Straley Field, you know that when […]

Girls Golf Favorite Pre Match Snacks

Girls Golf Favorite Snacks Before every girls’ golf match, the talk among the team is which mom is on snack duty. To the team, getting a good snack is the catalyst to setting up a good mental morale for the team. Since the matches take hours to play, it is important they eat enough not […]

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