STOTU recap

The state of the union isn’t an important policy decision and it’s not likely that in ten years people will still be talking about it, but its temporal location at the beginning of President Obama’s second term means that the address offers the chance for the general public to see which policy decisions will be focused on.  Unsurprisingly the economy was heavily […]

Documentary Sparks Interest

     On February 14th Dr. Rocky Killion, Superintendent of West Lafayette public schools, issued a press release regarding the Rise Above the Mark documentary.  The documentary, which has been in the works for two years, was announced to be near completion.  At the press release, Dr. Killion said that they were only a couple months from […]

Dance has low turn-out

The second VISTA dance of the year on Saturday, February 23rd had record low student turn-out. “It was the worst VISTA dance I have every gone to,” said Lucy Gotwals ’13. “I can’t believe that I paid $10 to stand in an empty gym.  Gotwals’ other complaints included that there were too many faculty members […]

Students practice for superbowl

The season for Academic Superbowl has begun, and it is nearly the 30th year of West Side’s involvement in the competition. “I make sure coaches have all the information that they need, send information to the students,  order all materials, and make sure that that students have study guides,” said Mrs. Bentlage, this year’s coordinator, a role that she […]

What happens in student council?

Yasmeen Hafeez ’14 sits-in and reports on a Student Council meeting. Does anyone who is not apart of our Student Council really know what goes on behind closed doors? (Actually, the doors were open in lecture hall 1135.) Well if you were curious, I have the 411 on their February 13th meeting. The council’s officers started […]

debate team takes state

  The West Lafayette debate team waited eagerly and  held their breaths as the finalists were announced at the state tournament held in Kokomo on February 1st and 2nd. “There was pretty much an explosion of cheering and jumping up and down and mass hugging,” Robin Zhang ’14 said. “That was the moment when we knew we’d captured […]

Dances, prom in grind

Complaints from parents after the fall VISTA dance prompted discussion of potentially banning grinding from future school dances. After much deliberation, however, grinding will not explicitely banned and students are instead asked to follow a set of rules outlining appropriate dancing. A committee consisting of members of the Prom Board, the VISTA exectutive board and […]

Ed. Foundation enhances learning

The West Lafayette Education Foundation fills the gap between what state funds provide for our school and what is needed to maintain the resources and programs West Side offers its students. It is dedicated to enhancing education and encouraging innovative projects to optimize educational experiences. Hallie Gorup (mother of Everett Gorup ’14), an active member in the […]

Zero Robotics to MIT

On January 11th, West Lafayette sent representatives the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts to compete in the Zero Robotics competition. “Zero Robotics is a programming competition created by MIT and NASA where you program these robots called SPHERES that are essentially mini satellite,” said competitor Albert Hwang ’14.  Each year,  teams from all over the country to […]

all win at Hoops for Hope

“It was more than the money … everyone was cheering for us,” said Mrs. Newgent, who has taken over the Hoops for Hope program in the past few years. Hoops for Hope began five years ago, in February of 2008, when Newgent’s daughter Caroline was diagnosed with Leukemia.  The student councils at West Side and […]

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