Overley Era to End

“I would do it all over again if I could,” said football coach Marshall Overley, speaking of his long-time coaching and teaching career.  After 34 years, Overley has announced he will retire after this school year.  But, as football season has come to a close, his years of coaching are over.  “It’s an honor to be […]

Reveillon raises spirits

“It’s a good way for French students to see what the French do around Christmas and New Year’s,” said Lizzie Timberlake, ’13, “It’s the big event of the year for French club.” After school on the day of the event, people started to work to make the evening as smooth as possible. “At 3:30 the […]

Compliments page goes viral

A social media phenomenon has been sweeping the facebook newsfeeds of West Side students. What’s the twist this time? The posts are the digital version of random acts of kindness! West Side Compliments is an anonymous facebook page that posts compliments sent by students to the  “inbox” about people at our school. In less than […]

Students involved in election

Politics may not be something that buzzes through our halls very often. But around election season there may be more political talk as some of our students are eligible to vote. “As a former government teacher I think student involvement in elections is incredibly important,” said Mr. Slauter, Assistant Principal. “It’s important for the students […]

NHL breaking ice

Since early October, the National Hockey League, or NHL, has been on stike for labor discussions. Most of the talks involving the NHL owners and players are meeting in New York but they have been elsewhere as well. Just like the NBA and NFL in recent years, the NHL is breaking the season in pieces. As of right now, […]

new era for band

Over this past summer, Mr. Matt Conaway, West Side’s band director, left to take a job at Purdue University and was replaced by Don Pettit. “The band students built a great environment for music-making and camaraderie that became a model for small-school music programs throughout the state,” said Conaway.  “It was a real pleasure to […]

IN education to change

A little over a month ago on Tuesday, November 6th, former schoolteacher Glenda Ritz beat incumbent Tony Bennet to become Indiana’s next superintendent of education. During his tenure, Tony Bennet brought sweeping change to Indiana education.  He was an advocate of standardized testing and teacher evaluations  tied to pay.  He supported charter schools and the […]

Dancing queens (and kings)

How are dance courts actually decided? Fall and winter homecoming court is nominated and then voted on by the student body at large. For school dances, specific clubs do the nominations themselves, leaving the rest of the school to wonder why and how they choose certain nominees. “We [VISTA] all get in a room and […]

Election Affects Students

The TV commercials have been aired, the ballots cast, and now the nation has re-elected the incumbent, giving President Barack Obama a second term. But how does this affect us?   Why should we, Hoosier high schoolers, care? To help answer those questions, here’s a breakdown of the stances Barack Obama has that could change […]

Nate Breneman gives back

In 2003 the Presidents Council on Service and Civic Participation was created to reward citizens for helping others.  The council gives awards out at various levels depending on the amount of service done, ranging from the bronze level (100 hours in a year) to the President Call to Service Award (4000 lifetime hours). Honorees receive a pin, […]

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