JH lunch off limits

For the longest time, high school students could grab a quick snack before their lunch period. However, these days have come to an end. High school students who were in sneaking into the Grab ‘n Go line for food between classes were in violation of pre-existing rules. Until recently, this was not an issue. However, […]

students become (cadet) teachers

Having a teaching experience is as easy as talking to your guidance counselor. The Cadet Teaching Program offers second semester seniors an opportunity to go to Cumberland or Happy Hollow to assist an elementary classroom teacher. This program helps students have a realistic experience of a career with which they have an interest and may […]

Berry’s Camera Shop Closes

Berry’s Camera Shop, located on 328 Ferry Street, has been a part of Lafayette for sixty four years. On December 15th, they went out of business and officially closed. They had been greatly involved with the photography program at our school, handling everything from equipment, camera repairs, and student discounts. Now that Berry’s Camera Shop […]

Do you Dare to Bear?

Winter, snow, sledding, beaches, and swimsuits?  While the seasons of winter and summer might be polar opposites, that hasn’t stopped the Riverside Ice Skating rink from hosting Dare to Bear, an event where participants skate in their swimming suits.  This February 1st, the rink traditionally filled with winter coats, scarves and gloves will be taken over by skaters in […]

musicians compete for gold

Indiana State School Musical Association (ISSMA) Solo & Ensemble  is a routine competition for most students in the West Side music department. Participation is required for all of the school’s orchestra members and all seventh and eighth grade band students. The Wind, Percussion and Strings Solo & Ensemble is on the 26 of January this year […]

Classrooms, cafeteria to change

During this up coming summer West Side will see a lot changes. Jovon Rayl A.I.A. of KJG architecture said that “the object [of the summer construction] is to create three new classrooms in this area, rework some art classrooms, and then increase the cafeteria space for new sitting.” The classes will be added to the first floor where […]

Sandy Hook prompts safety

On December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, twenty students and six adults were shot and killed by twenty year-old Adam Lanza.  Sandy Hook Elementary had more security than West Lafayette High School, only allowing visitors who were buzzed into the school to enter, but Lanza broke a window and crawled […]

Lunch Hot Spots Torn Down

[By Amy He, Neha Ramani and Abby Bien] It was announced early last week that the Northwestern Street complex will be soon demolished to be replaced by a five-story apartment building. Aside from the new living facilities, the first floor of the building will contain many of the current eateries along with new businesses. The […]

Dance causes drama

Katie Sigurdson ’13’s Tweets on November 15th : “west side is cancelling our second and only other dance. everyone needs to put a very strongly worded concern into the student concern box.” – 9:03 am “administration prolly saw my tweet and changed their mind. #theydontwantthis” – 12:45 pm Sigurdson was not alone on November 15, […]

are you politically saavy?

1)      To what political parties do President Barack Obama and Sen. Mitt Romney (in that order) belong? a)      Republican Party, Democratic Party b)      Green party, Libertarian Party c)       Democratic Party, Republican Party d)      Democratic Party, Constitution Party 2)      How does Sen. Romney plan on attracting great teachers to the work force? a)      Raising wages b)      […]

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