All-State orchestra is a success!

On January 21st, West Lafayette High School was well represented in the All-State Orchestra performance in Fort Wayne. The school is very proud to have nine of our very own talented students perform in a concert containing the state’s finest musicians. At the performance all the songs were played beautifully, and members of the audience […]

Departure Time

Retirement incentive set to lure teachers.   Many students were shocked when they came back to school this year and found nine new teachers.  Some of these new positions were due to retirements, and others because the school is offering some new classes and needed teachers for those spots.  With so many new teachers, it […]

Christopher Park wins Keller, again

Last month the stage of the Long Center was lit for the Annual Keller Concert, showcasing three youth musicians.Among these was West Side’s very own Christopher Park The Keller Competition is a competition in which students up to twenty-two years of age prepare a concerto that they play in front of a panel of three […]

Gotta get down on Black Friday

For most, Thanksgiving means a delicious meal filled with family and fun, usually followed by a food-induced coma.  For some, however, the Thanksgiving meal is just fuel for the main event of the weekend: Black Friday.Black Friday is the culminating event of weeks of advertising on the part of the retail world, and days of […]

John vs. John

Incumbent John Dennis defeats John Polles in the West Lafayette mayoral race. Republican incumbent John Dennis won the West Lafayette mayoral race last week in a landslide victory, capturing over 70 percent of the vote. The voter turnout, however, was startlingly low–only 11,816 out of 45,067 registered voters (that’s 26.2%) showed up at the polls […]

Where are the waving flags?

By Abby Bien Last year, before the junior high lockers were moved and replaced with the commons area, rows and rows of flags from different countries were displayed on the ceiling. Recently, many students have noticed their absence and were curious if and when they are coming back.   When the flags were added around […]

Strange things are afoot at the pool

  Alyse Allred  Perhaps you’ve seen various AP Chemistry students hanging around the poolside throughout the week, toting briefcases containing odd-shaped lab equipment and mysterious powders. Perhaps you’ve even watched them sampling the water of our resident pool. But you probably haven’t noticed the changes. That’s because there aren’t any. Yet. Give it another year, […]

Hair loss for a cause

On Thursday, October 27th during the post lunch-hour lull, clumps of hair could be found lying on the floor of the Student Commons area.  These were not part of a scene from a horror movie, but instead the remnants of West Side’s REACH Club’s Red Ribbon Week fundraiser. During the past week, the REACH club […]

College applications cause stress

Imagine college application season in the United States, circa 1950s. Students apply to colleges close by, usually in their home town or state. Few feel the need to apply to more than two or three places. The process is extremely low-key and results are predictable. Fast forward sixty years and you’ll find yourself in today’s […]

Anirudh Prabhu changes boundaries

By Alyse Allred What’s so special about the number 6? It’s far more than somebody’s lucky number . . . it’s a perfect number. What exactly is a perfect number? By definition, it’s a positive integer that equals the sum of its divisors. The perfect number 6 has three divisors: 3, 2, and 1. When […]

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