HCO Contributes to the Community

Giving back to the community is a goal for many different organizations. Helping out around the area may include picking up trash you see on the curb or donating food to the local food bank. HCO is a club at West Lafayette High School that works with the children in local areas.  Club member Daniel […]


No one would imagine that rain, wind, or cloudy skies would come in the way of this blissful afternoon. The parade was the right start to an eventful weekend. The homecoming nominees Abby Hummels, Katie Crawford,  Madeline Lynam,  Rebekah Chatterjee, Abby Rhodes,  Jacob Richardson, Sebastian Trent, Hawk Pusey, JongJin Park, and Addison Jordan; juniors Rachel Cooper and […]

Fish Out of water

After school on October 12th, the West Lafayette High School swim and dive teams met with the FISH Aquatics team on the field behind Happy Hollow Elementary School. Every two weeks the two groups take a break from their normal conditioning routine to engage in a game of ultimate frisbee. This tradition has been going […]

Half T-Rex Half Human?

Don’t Forget About The Fall Play! If lately you have walked by Mrs.Good’s room after school, you might have noticed the  happy laughter and unique roaring sounds coming from behind the closed door. You might have been curious as to what caused that laughter or what made the roar. The answer to that curiosity is […]

Game Con Raised Over $1,000

The annual West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High Game Con was held on April 8. The event had one of the highest turnouts ever, as it raised over a thousand dollars from the participants alone, which is more than standard for the game con. Almost the entirety of the total earnings will be donated to the Backpack […]

How to do Taxes as a Minor

The bees are endangered

Bees have recently been added to the list of endangered species by the Fish and Wildlife Service.  It is vital to save the bees because without them, pollination wouldn’t occur. Pollination leads to the growth of fruits and vegetables. Without bees, no food would be on our shelves, so it is beneficial to us to […]

Track and Field Preview/Hoosier State Relays

The 2016-2017 track/field season has officially begun, as of February 13th. This year’s track and field team consists of a total of 70 athletes, boys and girls combined. The athletes will be divided into three groups- sprinters, throwers, and distance, with each group practicing and preparing for the Hoosier State Relays. Mr. David Joest coaches […]

Women March on Washington: In Lafayette

After-School Traffic Trouble

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