WLDM does it for the kids

West Lafayette Dance Marathon put the money where their feet were and danced five straight hours on Saturday, March 28th. It was in celebration of their unveiling the total amount of money they have raised for Riley Children’s Hospitals over the last year. West Side is taking part in a nationwide movement that includes more […]

New community college policy created

In January president Obama announced his plan to make going to college for two years as universal as high school. In order to achieve this goal, Obama, proposed free community college to anyone who maintains a 2.5 GPA while attending a community college at least part time. This initiative is part of President Obama’s goal […]

Cell phone safety

Students are allowed to have phones out before and after school, during lunch, and for education-related purposes.  If a student has their phone out during passing periods or, of course, in class, teachers or staff can take the phone and discipline the student. Depending on the number of previous offenses, the punishment will change. On the […]

Academic superbowl competes for the best

The Academic Superbowl is the ultimate test for students to prove their smarts in a competitive setting.  The students that participate in the Academic Superbowl compete with students of other schools to see who is the best of the best. There are five subjects: Math, Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts, and English. Each subject has five […]

Mr. Joest goes to Washington

Mr. Joest’s AP Government class is in for a real treat this year. The class is going on a trip to Washington D. C. On Saturday, March 14th, they are flying to Reagan International to see the Capital and meet with some high ranking officials, including an assistant director of the Secret Service and some […]

Schools limit rights in class

In the mid 1900’s, students were expelled from public schools for refusing to salute the flag. Later, schools were authorized to read a prayer as a daily school exercise. Do these and other behaviors infringe upon rights protected by the First Amendment? “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the […]

Robotics is rockin

The West Lafayette Robotics club is flourishing. Mr. Florence, the Robotics director since its founding in 1999, is very proud of his group of students. The club has around 42 members, around  10 per class. Usually between 40 and 50 students participate every year. The competition season for this club starts on the last weekend […]

Students may attend school after graduation

Snow days can upset the schedules of students, parents, and staff. So far this year, West Lafayette High School has missed four days because of weather conditions, but for the school year of 2014-2015, West Side only has three built in snow days. February 16th and April 3rd, which were previously no school days, we […]

Basic: why labeling needs to stop

In the eighties, Yuppies populated the cities.  Young urban professionals earned the name Yuppie and with that a persona.  A Yuppie became a rich, BMW driving, private school educated, over all privileged person.  Today the Yuppie is forgotten, but a new name has risen, basic. “Basic is white Converse and drinking Starbucks,” said Devin Hainje […]

Best Buddies Thanksgiving is a success

A week before thanksgiving, a Thanksgiving dinner was organized by West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High School’s Best Buddies club. This dinner involved activities such as a scavenger hunt for the attendees to participate in, as well as a Thanksgiving meal. After eating, everyone was able to hang out, chat, and get to know each other. The […]

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