Construction takes over office

Over spring break, West Lafayette Jr. Sr. High School began major construction on the main office area. The high school office, guidance counselor’s rooms and the nurse’s room have all been changed in some way.

Debate is more than meets the eye

The door to classroom 2227, Mr. Levy’s haven on a typical day, now opened to host one of October’s  Novice Public Forum debate rounds. Participants of the last round filed out, chatting about this and that and winding down from the debate. The next competitors entered, balancing binders and laptops, sizing up the judge just as […]

G.W.P.W. boosts morale

It’s not everyday that we see dozens of kids in jean-shorts, Hawaiian shirts overtaking the hallways, or kids pulling out their Boy Scout uniforms to wear to school. Good Weather Promotion Week has made all of those possible. The event, which was held the week preceding Spring Break, is a tradition that is unique to West Lafayette High School. The idea […]

Students Vary in Social Media Use

If a member of the older generation is asked about the millennials (the generation who reached young adulthood around the 2000’s), one of the most common responses will be about their dependence on technology, especially social media. But how much time do high school students spend on social media websites, and is this considered normal?  […]

News Briefs

VISTA cancels dance VISTA, a club that puts on two semi-formal dances per year, canceled its remaining dance in light of low ticket sales. The decline in attendance has been caused by the changes in rules, confirming fears among the student body that the new rules would decrease dance attendance.  “There were very low ticket sales, due […]

Classrooms get wired

It seems as if society revolves around this crazed obsession of having the newest gadgets, and people just can’t get enough of it. So it only seems inevitable that schools should and will use technology in the classrooms as well. Despite, the official school policy, “no personal listening device-including cell phones are allowed for student […]

Rat trap finds mild success

On February 8, West Lafayette Dance Marathon (WLDM) threw West Side’s first dance since the school implemented its new dance policy. The Rat Trap’s line-dancing theme was chosen before non-“front-to-front” dancing was banned. “Not many people came to the Rat Trap last year, and Shelby [Mann ’14] and Nikki [Shiver ’14] went to a line […]

Athletes take time out

Clarification:  This week, The Scarlette published a photo in our print edition with this article that was misleading.  The photo was intended to be an artistic image for illustrative purposes, to add a visual element to the story.   As it appeared, it was not clear that it was an illustration.  It was not meant to […]

When bad weather strikes

This year in the West Lafayette community, there has been a lot of talk about weather.  The weather this year has been particularly rough and strenuous on the West Lafayette school system. “Safety is always the key thing, we want to make sure students are safe both coming to school and leaving.  So that if […]

West Lafayette wins state policy debate

On February first John McDougall’ 14 and Albert Hwang’ 14 won the final round of the IHSFA policy debate tournament at Ben Davis High School a feet that has not been done by West Lafayette since 1987. At the end of lunch on Friday January 31st, the hallway outside of Mr. Smith’s room was buzzing. Excited […]

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