Church more than building

The following is a Letter to the Editor written by Mitch Witt ’16. It is my understanding, from The Scarlette mission statement, that you pride yourselves for writing and publishing informative, entertaining, accurate, and professional articles in your paper. The opinion article by Abby Bien, titled Does new pope mean new church? in my opinion, […]

New Pope, Same Church

The following is a Letter to the Editor written by Hannah Lazarz ’13. Contrary to statements made in a recent Opinions article titled Does new Pope mean new church? by Abby Bien, the Catholic Church does not consider an individual a sinner based on their sexual orientation.   The Church upholds the dignity of every human […]

I could arrest you

Instagram indecency is also often illegal. We have all heard the lectures; It just takes one bad picture to ruin your chances at a good university, at a future.  Like all good advice, there will nevertheless be people who ignore it. To those crude picture posters of my generation, I have just one question.  Do […]

Health food not perfect

Health food stores claim to stock the latest in organic, free-range, pesticide free foods that will keep your family healthy.  It’s hard to blame people for being careful with what they consume, but to what degree does it actually matter?  Are you really going to change the face of the mega-farm agricultural industrial complex by living with a Michael […]

First Francis not so pure

He is the first Francis, defender of the poor.  His elected name was well thought out; Francis was a man against all corruption and frivolous spending. I question the tact of the Catholic Church, however, electing this specific man.  Why Señor Jorge Mario Bergoglio?  Why choose someone with such a dark cloud above his head? […]

Is drinking a problem?

It’s the weekend and you and your friends are making plans. Someone suggests that you go to a party, and you know there will be alcohol there. You know the whole DARE spiel, but really how bad could it be? The answer to that question varies. The obvious answer is: don’t drink. Every student in […]

Too much RDP?

While walking the hallways between class  it’s not uncommon to hear the comment, “West Side’s the best.” , being thrown around, especially in comparison to the surrounding high schools.  Although it is true that academically WLHS is successful, the staff of The Scarlette feels that our bark may be bigger than our bite. School is for […]

8th semester grades matter

Here at West Side, only the first seven semesters’ grades are factored into determining the valedictorians.  Which means, a student who gets a B semester three of high school, for example, cannot be valedictorian, while one who gets a B semester eight can.  As a staff, we believe that a senior’s 8th semester grades should […]

Being smart should be cool

I have often found myself in a battle of the not-wits.  Laughing, I shout out “Oh my god you guys, I just got a 3 out of 15 on this test.”  Someone shouts out from across the room, “Nope! Don’t worry, I got a zero!”  Everyone laughs.  Why? Why do we revel in the success of our […]

V-Day not that hard

I should probably start this article with the disclaimer that it isn’t necessarily the best idea to take relationship advice from me.  Not because I’m extremely bad at it, but because really, why bother?  Holidays shouldn’t exactly be the end of the world. Valentine’s Day can be tough. You need to find something both sufficiently creative and […]

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