Church changing?

Growing up Catholic, I was always aware that the Pope was “the big man on campus”.  He was the face of my religion, and to be honest, there is little I know about him besides that. Some Catholics turn to the Pope more than others when seeking answers concerning their faith; I would assume it […]

So, who got the Oscar?

Here are the results from the Oscar Awards compared to the West Side student’s predictions. BEST PICTURE West Side win: Les Miserables And the Oscar went to: Argo  BEST LEAD ACTOR West Side win: Daniel Day Lewis; Lincoln or Hugh Jackman; Les Miserables  And the Oscar went to: Daniel Day Lewis BEST LEAD ACTRESS West Side win: Jennifer Lawrence; Silver […]

Parking is not a problem

Since last year there have been several changes to parking around West Side. This is because the parking lot is not large enought to fit all student drivers and staff members. However, there are still some presiding issues that remain unresolved from the construction. The main problem seems to still be that there are not […]

We must argue with respect

It’s human nature to strongly advocate your own beliefs and not be open to other viewpoints, but as we grow older, respect is a trait that we must develop. As repetitive as it may sound, everyone is entitled to look at the world with a unique perspective, and they deserve a fair chance to share […]

Not all Muslims are terrorists

When I read the news on April 15th about the Boston bombing, the first thought that came to my head was, “Who in their right mind would do such an awful, unnecessary and inhumane thing to innocent people?” and my second thought was, “Please, don’t let the suspect be a Muslim.” Unfortunately, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the suspect […]

Men opressed in dating

The following is a Letter to the Editor written by Charles Hansen ’13. Why do we still live in a backwards society? When confronted with perceived disparities in maturity, the correct response is not to assume superiority, but to take all surrounding factors into perspective. In the article “The Boy Problem Grows,” published on January […]

Church more than building

The following is a Letter to the Editor written by Mitch Witt ’16. It is my understanding, from The Scarlette mission statement, that you pride yourselves for writing and publishing informative, entertaining, accurate, and professional articles in your paper. The opinion article by Abby Bien, titled Does new pope mean new church? in my opinion, […]

New Pope, Same Church

The following is a Letter to the Editor written by Hannah Lazarz ’13. Contrary to statements made in a recent Opinions article titled Does new Pope mean new church? by Abby Bien, the Catholic Church does not consider an individual a sinner based on their sexual orientation.   The Church upholds the dignity of every human […]

I could arrest you

Instagram indecency is also often illegal. We have all heard the lectures; It just takes one bad picture to ruin your chances at a good university, at a future.  Like all good advice, there will nevertheless be people who ignore it. To those crude picture posters of my generation, I have just one question.  Do […]

Health food not perfect

Health food stores claim to stock the latest in organic, free-range, pesticide free foods that will keep your family healthy.  It’s hard to blame people for being careful with what they consume, but to what degree does it actually matter?  Are you really going to change the face of the mega-farm agricultural industrial complex by living with a Michael […]

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