College visit days too few

A few weeks ago, I took off the whole day of school to go to a women’s engineering program for seniors at Purdue, and I found it to be definitely worthy of my time to visit Purdue, even though I have lived in West Lafayette for so long. Thinking about, applying, or visiting colleges are […]

Are fundraisers fun?

Although not one of the bigger schools in the area, West Side is home to a plethora of clubs.  Whether your interests include art, volunteer work, or protecting the environment, there is a club for anyone and everyone at our school. But what goes on behind the scenes for different clubs is something that we […]

Recognition for Veterans

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day. Time off school and work is just one way we recognize these holidays. Some important days don’t get distinguished in this way, and thus we have to celebrate them in other ways. Veterans Day is a day we take aside to honor our people who fight for or have fought for our […]

Facebook: How much is too much?

In a world where social networking continues to grow, it has become common for people to post incredibly personal information online.  Facebook has created a place where people share personal stories about themselves that they most likely would not have shared in person. The most important aspect that comes into question is freedom of speech.  […]

holidays come too early

It’s the middle of August and it’s boiling hot outside and you have all your windows rolled down playing your summer playlist. The last thing you want to see is a Christmas tree all decked out with ornaments and lights and be reminded of the cold snow and being broke from all the enormous amounts […]

Leave the candy for the kids

As a child, every year when Halloween came around, I would dress up and go door to door to the houses in my neighborhood. I came home with pillowcases stuffed with candy. Dots, Snickers, and Nerds, I would eat them for weeks. Now keep in mind, there is nothing wrong with trick or treating, but once you […]

Book Review: The Casual Vacancy

“A casual vacancy is deemed to have occurred: (a) when a local councilor fails to make his declaration of acceptance of office within the proper time; or (b) when his notice of resignation is received; or (c) on the day of his death… Charles Arnold-Baker Local Council Administration, Seventh Edition” – From the Preface of […]

Halloween has no age limit

We all remember the fun times we had dressing up in the costumes our moms made us, going out past our bed times to receive free treats from our neighbors on Halloween night.  But who says those fun times are restricted to when your age was only one digit? Students at our school would argue that […]

Looper is a smart thriller

Rian Johnson’s Looper is an exciting thriller with few missteps. The script is clean and easy to understand, a rare feat for time travel movies. It echoes Inception in its fearlessness to make a smart action movie and it is self-aware enough to have great moments of dark humor. It stars Joseph Gordon Levitt as […]

World War III: Samsung vs. Apple

Competing in the phone, television, and tablet market, Samsung and Apple have long been rivals. Their rivalry reached its peak with a lawsuit by Apple against Samsung. Apple has already won 1 million US dollars from Samsung, but is still suing for 707 million dollars more. I believe that the Apple lawsuit hurts innovation and […]

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