Halloween has no age limit

We all remember the fun times we had dressing up in the costumes our moms made us, going out past our bed times to receive free treats from our neighbors on Halloween night.  But who says those fun times are restricted to when your age was only one digit? Students at our school would argue that […]

Looper is a smart thriller

Rian Johnson’s Looper is an exciting thriller with few missteps. The script is clean and easy to understand, a rare feat for time travel movies. It echoes Inception in its fearlessness to make a smart action movie and it is self-aware enough to have great moments of dark humor. It stars Joseph Gordon Levitt as […]

World War III: Samsung vs. Apple

Competing in the phone, television, and tablet market, Samsung and Apple have long been rivals. Their rivalry reached its peak with a lawsuit by Apple against Samsung. Apple has already won 1 million US dollars from Samsung, but is still suing for 707 million dollars more. I believe that the Apple lawsuit hurts innovation and […]

Grilled cheese heats up lunch

Most of the West Side students are left saying “yum” after eating many of the new food options that West Side has to offer.  The cafeteria has again added choices to their ever-growing menu in an effort to increase the number of students eating at the school.  I think that the school is doing a […]

Standardized Testing inaccurate

The presidential elections are a month away. If standardized testing scores were used to pick presidents, we would not have elected the 42nd, 43rd or our incumbent president. Bill Clinton scored a modest 1032 on his SAT, George Bush, a 1206, and President Obama’s scores are said to be even lower. These presidents violate the […]

See you at the pole

Is prayer around the flag an appropriate display of religion? Walking up to the doors of your school, it is a surprise to see a group of your peers seated in a circle around the flagpole singing and praying. While some students would not bat an eye, others may feel a very strong sense of […]

Staff discusses goals and rights

The Scarlette strives to gain respect and create conversation. The New York Times is regarded worldwide as an accurate and informative source for any news. Both their content and readership are broad and diverse, reflecting the fact that they offer fair and unbiased coverage of any issue. The Scarlette strives to serve this same purpose […]

No more snoring during study hall

For those who use their study hall for anything but homework, it may come as a surprise to find out that sleeping is not allowed. A school wide policy stating that students are not allowed to sleep during their study hall has recently come to some students’ attention. While many have thought that the policy […]

ever been the “new kid”?

Being a new student in a strange place can be many things: fun, exciting, or for some people, it might be downright terrifying.  True, it can be a good experience if you’re adventurous and like new things. If not, you can feel completely out of place. The thing many new students like most about West […]

Parking problems plague students

By Abby Bien I admit it; I have parked my car in a staff spot more than a few times this year. But I don’t park there because I don’t want to park in an open student spot, I do it because there are always multiple staff spots empty and no student spots available when […]

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