Tony Bennett is coming soon to a school near you

Tomorrow, the man who proposed all the education reforms your teachers hate is visiting our school. And no, I don’t mean Mitch Daniels. On December 15th, Tony Bennett will be at our school. “Who is Tony Bennett?” you may ask, “an old singer my grandma listens to?” Well, yes. Unfortunately we get the other one. […]

PDA is not A-OK

We’re sure that during every West Side student’s career, a conversation, a visit to a locker, or even a class period has been interrupted by the terror formally known as PDA. PDA, or a Public Display of Affection, is the excessive expression of affection in a public place, such as: making out, gazing longingly into […]

Are convocations really effective?

  Every time we have a convocation at West Side, follows the same general pattern: adults talk for a couple hours while the students zone out. They talk, we listen, or at least pretend to. The most recent convocation was for Red Ribbon Week, on Wednesday October 26.  There were two convocations, split for grades […]

Off Campus

 Chauncey’s newest greasy spoon falls flat with mushy mixtures of beans, beef, and broth. If you haven’t heard of Dawson’s School House of Chili, you may be surprised to learn of their business model–all chili entrees. Now, I’m not the biggest chili fan out there, but I like a big steaming bowl every once in […]

Is print journalism on its death bed?

  Many of you have probably heard – and were maybe disappointed – about the bookstore Borders closing recently. On the other side of town, however, Barnes and Noble remains open. One main factor for the collapse of the Borders empire is the rise of non-print book sources. While Barnes and Noble adapted to the […]

Jobs well done

  Steve Jobs. The name alone conjures up a brilliant image of an untouchable visionary – a man meant not to be understood, only revered. It’s strange, then, to walk down the hallways of West Lafayette High School and see his influence widespread, yet taken largely for granted. One only has to wander once through […]

Off Campus: Café Royale’s distinct menu of sandwiches, breakfast foods, desserts and assorted beverages excites taste buds.

  Distance From School: 0.5 mi. Price/Person: $3+ Although a six dollar sandwich is a little pricey for a high school lunch (especially considering the fact that McDonald’s is right across the street), the quality of food at Café Royale is worth every penny. I have to admit, I had some reservations about going. I […]

Lupe Fiasco delivers an entertaining, but predictable concert at Elliott Hall

Unfortunately for us, it is not often that a prominent musical artist performs in West Lafayette.  However, last Friday night hip-hip artist Lupe Fiasco graced us with his presence with a short set before travelling to Atlanta for BET’s 2011 Hip-Hop Awards. The show was opened by 11-year-old Young Marqus, who brought his “mama” onstage […]

Staff Editorial: Internet Filtering

Every West Side student has, at some point or another, crossed paths with those dreaded, slap-in-the-face letters: ACCESS DENIED. Filled with frustration, we often direct our anger towards the school. Unbeknownst to the student body, however, is that under the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), the administration is required to block many of these sites […]

Opinions: Purdue Students

The arrival of the Purdue students in the fall brings with it many nuisances; the line for Den Pops stretches a block long, the entire campus is packed with traffic, and the streets and sidewalks are crowded with incoming freshmen and returning graduates and undergraduates. And with a population of roughly 30,000, the city of […]

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