Invisible Children is not the organization to spearhead Joseph Kony’s arrest       On March 5, 2012 an internet video went viral, attracting more than 50 million views in one day . The video was titled “Kony 2012.” Its aim was to make the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army or LRA, Joseph Kony, […]

Staff Editorial: Our high school is not like Hollywood’s

By Abby Bien We’re not like Mean Girls; there’s no “burn book” here. When you think of a cliquey school, you will probably picture the cafeteria in “Mean Girls”. During lunch, there are the jocks, nerds, artists, and obviously, the mean girls. The school is a human food chain with the star football player and […]

Differences in social media

With the wide array of social media available at our fingertips today, everyone has options of which one they want to spend their time obsessively posting to.  Some say Google plus is lame; others say it will make Facebook obsolete. People might spend their time tweeting away, thinking up ways to condense their joke or […]

Bottom 5 Movies of 2012

Every single year, Hollywood decides to release one hot mess movie that everyone talks about and makes fun of. It’s usually all fun and games until there’s an ENTIRE YEAR of these kinds of movies. That was basically what 2011 was in terms of movies. Whatever theoretical movies you could think of in your brain […]

Publications Deserves Credit

If you were planning to enroll in Student Publications, you were probably disappointed to see that it does not count as an English credit class. You see, in Indiana, the class only counts towards your graduation credit, which is great–unless your schedule is completely full and you have to take just one more English class. […]

Is open lunch in jeopardy?

Most West Siders are well aware that this school is different than most. We have diversity and opportunity that a lot of schools don’t, we have the Junior High and high school in the same building and we have a lot of freedoms other schools don’t.  The biggest of these freedoms is namely open campus […]

Tony Bennett is coming soon to a school near you

Tomorrow, the man who proposed all the education reforms your teachers hate is visiting our school. And no, I don’t mean Mitch Daniels. On December 15th, Tony Bennett will be at our school. “Who is Tony Bennett?” you may ask, “an old singer my grandma listens to?” Well, yes. Unfortunately we get the other one. […]

PDA is not A-OK

We’re sure that during every West Side student’s career, a conversation, a visit to a locker, or even a class period has been interrupted by the terror formally known as PDA. PDA, or a Public Display of Affection, is the excessive expression of affection in a public place, such as: making out, gazing longingly into […]

Are convocations really effective?

  Every time we have a convocation at West Side, follows the same general pattern: adults talk for a couple hours while the students zone out. They talk, we listen, or at least pretend to. The most recent convocation was for Red Ribbon Week, on Wednesday October 26.  There were two convocations, split for grades […]

Off Campus

 Chauncey’s newest greasy spoon falls flat with mushy mixtures of beans, beef, and broth. If you haven’t heard of Dawson’s School House of Chili, you may be surprised to learn of their business model–all chili entrees. Now, I’m not the biggest chili fan out there, but I like a big steaming bowl every once in […]

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