Chipotle or Noodles?

The bees are endangered

Bees have recently been added to the list of endangered species by the Fish and Wildlife Service.  It is vital to save the bees because without them, pollination wouldn’t occur. Pollination leads to the growth of fruits and vegetables. Without bees, no food would be on our shelves, so it is beneficial to us to […]

“Get Out” and see Jordan Peele’s first movie

So far in 2017, moviegoers have been obsessing over the recently released horror content. Movies like “Get Out” are the most striking. “Get Out”, directed by Jordan Peele, is a genuinely scary film that takes a jab at liberal racism. Throughout the entire film, audiences are sitting on the edge of their seats with fear. The plot […]

Opinion: language classes at westside

Students’ thoughts on The Lego Batman Movie

This is a review of Warner Animation Group’s third movie, The Lego Batman Movie. We ask Samuele Bevilacqua and Blake Finke.

Productivity in school

West Side is known for being a school with massive amounts of homework. With homework, comes stress, pressure, and sleep deprivation. Is this directly correlated to lack of productivity in class or do distractions contribute more to the issue? In this clip, Elaine Rand and Hope Johnson discuss the pressures and work that they encounter […]

Big screen bullies

  1.. Draco Malfoy– Played by Tom Felton, Malfoy was a foil character to Harry Potter in all seven of the Harry Potter movies. He was actually loosely based on bullies that the author, J.K. Rowling, would have to deal with in her younger days, and he has played a large part in all the […]


The real winners of this presidential race are late night show hosts. Not since Vermin Supreme (look him up) has there been a more comedic candidate. Trump has run for president five times in his life, but he really seems to have fallen more in love with himself than ever before. His only qualification taken […]

Holidays aren’t always fun and games.

The holidays are some of the best times all year. There’s usually good food, family members you haven’t seen in awhile, and perhaps most importantly, no school. Then there are parts of the holidays that are not so great because of all of the stress that comes with it. But what are really the most […]

What is the Dress Code About?

What’s acceptable? What’s “too” much? Mr. Slauter answered these questions about if the dress code is gender specific. A frequent question that pops in mind is “does a student’s clothing choice distract their peers as much as teachers and administration say it does?” Mr. Slauter says that it is a “tough call” and though “not […]

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