Frustration over lack of democracy in school

Throughout our lives, we as students have had democracy hammered into our heads. We hear of how Russia is becoming less democratic and less free, and how China is ruled as an autocracy that oppresses its people. Yet we don’t get much of a democratic experience in our daily school life. The executive decisions made […]

What not to do when texting

In high school, things can get very confusing very fast. These things include: why there was no 2-hour delay, why a certain teacher seems to be out to get you, and why the last ten minutes of 5th and 8th hour seem to take hours. But, perhaps, something more confusing than those three options is […]

Charlie Hebdo and the NAACP

On January 6, the Colorado Springs Branch of the NAACP was attacked by a bomber.  No one was injured but still, the news was largely left untouched because the next day the attack on Charlie Hebdo’s magazine occurred. The first event echos the struggles faced by those in the civil rights movement, yet the second […]

Staff Editorial: E-Learning

As the school cancellations tack on this year, teachers and students are becoming more aware of the missed time that could have been used for school. The proposition, or solution, that is on the table from the Indiana Board of Education, is that during school cancellations students will be able to access “worksheets” online that […]

Sexual harassment in social media

                          In September, the internet responded to popular YouTube vlogger Sam Pepper’s attempt at a “prank” video, in which he grabbed unsuspecting women’s butts in public for “entertainment.” This harassment and violation of women without consent is inexcusable, and many social media sites’ […]

Weird breakfast is better than no breakfast

The life of a high school student can be pretty fast, and especially in the mornings. Students can be scrambling around for clothes, homework that is due that day, and food. Since we are all teenagers, we rely on food, and what we have for breakfast can largely affect our day. On TV, one can see […]

Staff editorial

News about sexual harassment, sexual assault, and gender equality is popping up everywhere on the internet and social media, from YouTuber, Sam Pepper’s “prank,” to Emma Watson’s UN women’s rights speech, and campaigns like HeForShe and It’s On Us.  The fight for equal rights has been going on for years, but now more than ever the […]

Digital textbooks save students’ pain

Are students’ backpacks too heavy? Poor posture, back pain, and spinal problems,  all of these consequences can be avoided when schools decide to transition towards digital textbooks. Using tablets, or even laptops, for educational purposes in schools can be a great adjustment in students’ lives. Carrying around heavy textbooks to multiple classes is only a hassle for […]

Communication Requires New Rules

With every new way of communication, there comes a new set of rules for proper etiquette. Here is the staff of the Scarlette’s dos and don’ts for social media. Facebook:  Although Facebook used to be popular, now it’s really only used by the older generation. So use Facebook to communicate with family, and to post […]

IHSAA refereeing is too easy

Being a high school sports referee is a serious job.  Referees have to be unbiased and make tough decisions on calls that could have crowds booing them for the duration of the event.  If this is the case, why does it seem that referees get more calls wrong than right?  I’ve witnessed bad refereeing at […]

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