Digital textbooks save students’ pain

Are students’ backpacks too heavy? Poor posture, back pain, and spinal problems,  all of these consequences can be avoided when schools decide to transition towards digital textbooks. Using tablets, or even laptops, for educational purposes in schools can be a great adjustment in students’ lives. Carrying around heavy textbooks to multiple classes is only a hassle for […]

Communication Requires New Rules

With every new way of communication, there comes a new set of rules for proper etiquette. Here is the staff of the Scarlette’s dos and don’ts for social media. Facebook:  Although Facebook used to be popular, now it’s really only used by the older generation. So use Facebook to communicate with family, and to post […]

IHSAA refereeing is too easy

Being a high school sports referee is a serious job.  Referees have to be unbiased and make tough decisions on calls that could have crowds booing them for the duration of the event.  If this is the case, why does it seem that referees get more calls wrong than right?  I’ve witnessed bad refereeing at […]

Shot clocks are needed

High school sports serve not only as a social gathering for students or a showcase of students’ talents but also as a source of excitement for anyone watching.  Although high school basketball is entertaining to begin with, implementing a shot clock can elevate it’s entertainment value.  Spectators of sports love watching late-game comebacks or final […]

Hold athletes higher

It is sadly not unusual for a student to be caught partying. With recent events, we here at the newspaper began to wonder what the differences in punishment are for athletes and non-athletes. Upon investigating the rules and how they are executed, the Scarlette had a lively debate about the role of the Athletic Department […]

Selfie Generation:

The pros and cons of putting your face all over social media. Maia: “Selfie” has become a word in every teenager’s daily vocabulary in just a couple of years, with beginnings of its use dating back to just 2002.  With “Selfie Sunday” and the constant stream of self-portrait type pictures flooding social media, everyone has […]

Allow Phones in Passing Periods

Students are not allowed to have phones out during the passing period, which can cause difficulties, as students need to communicate with parents or guardians. To avoid this rule, most people have figured out that to use your phone in passing periods, you have to duck into a bathroom or face a corner, which is either […]

Code of conduct is flawed

The most important function of a school’s athletic department should be the betterment of its student participants.  Each program or rule the department institutes should therefore be judged first and foremost on the impact it has on individual students. Suspending athletes from their sports for what they do outside of school removes that focus on […]

Kanye was right

Think of a celebrity more devoted to what they do than Kanye West.  There isn’t one.   Despite that, classist attitudes have held him back both socially and artistically.   Kanye gets a lot of flack for his “rants,” especially those directed towards celebrities like Taylor Swift and Jimmy Kimmel.  People go after the way he […]

Practice Parking Etiquette

When the steady stream of traffic filing into the West Side parking lot at 8 AM prevents students’ entrance to the lot, the last thing they want to be faced with after battling the traffic to get there is to find that there are no parking spots left for them.  When this happens, students have […]

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