Why Kendrick Lamar’s album is best

In a past Scarlette article Kanye West was awarded the best album of the year.  Not only is this terribly wrong, but Kanye’s impact on the music world was infinitesimal vis-à-vis the lyrical genius Kendrick Lamar in the past few years. When K. Dot dropped his album Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City in 2012, the music […]

New policy dooms dances

Last year, Principal Shriner announced over the P.A. system that students’ behavior at school dances should refrain from being “lewd, crude, or gross.” While the staff of “The Scarlette” respects this sentiment, we believe that the school’s new dance policy is, quite frankly, unrealistic. When school dances limited students to “face to face” dancing last year, […]

Are field trips worth the while?

Kids all over the nation revere the glorious days when teachers pass out those coveted photocopied papers with lines for parent signatures: field trip forms. Let’s be real here, field trips are the highlight of every kid’s elementary experience. As students get older, lectures take the place of hands-on learning, and field trip forms become scarce. […]

Staff Editorial: School food flops

What makes a good lunch? The staff of The Scarlette agrees that a so-called “good lunch” is not readily available here at West Side. Sure, the school has provided many options for even the pickiest of eaters, but the nutritional value of the food they are serving is well under par. Many entrees offered on the […]

Etiquette is Necessary

This year, I have noticed that there is a part of the student population that either is ignorant of the laws of the hallways or simply thinks themselves above them. There is understood etiquette in the hallways, and those who follow the rules often find themselves hurting due to the few rule breakers. Universal manners […]

Study Halls should be lenient

We all know that our school is a great school. It’s a great school because most of us have the mindset to succeed no matter what. We got this mindset by doing all of our homework, studying for all of our tests and still finding time for a social life. How, you might ask? We […]

My week without technology

Recently, after years and years of working on my parents to get an iPhone to fit in with the rest of the cool kids, I finally got myself a shiny new black iPhone 5.  However, just weeks after I accomplished my dream, that same phone was stolen.  This tragedy led to my tech-free week, with no […]

If you get a tattoo, do it right

As time goes on, tattoos are becoming more accepted by the majority of society. There is less of a stigma attached to body art than there was twenty or even ten years ago, and the lessening of stereotypes associated with tattoos has made them more common, even among high school students. High school students should […]

Carry your Head High and Smile

It is foolish to say bullying does not exist in our school. We have all seen it in the classroom, in the hallways, and in social media. You might not realize what you have seen, as physical bullying here is a rarity and news of a fight spreads across the school like wildfire. Emotional bullying, […]

In-class movies educate

When a teacher pulls out the SmartBoard remote and queues up the projector, a wide variety of responses can be seen from the students. Some students pump their fists into the air and yell “YES!”, while others groan and roll their eyes, and still others pull on their hoodies and prepare for a 50 minute […]

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