How can we greenify our school?

“Being green” is a worldwide goal, now that the population at large is aware of the threat of climate change and global warming.  To do our part, West Side should start looking for ways to be more eco-friendly.  Overall, our school is fairly good about recycling and cutting down on electricity, but there is always […]

School must adapt after change

Over the summer, West Lafayette High School underwent major changes both cosmetic and practical.   The old locker bay was removed, the cafeteria was expanded (if you were wondering why carpet was put in, the floor was too damaged for tile) and a string of new classrooms were installed. A sense of community is essential to […]

Don’t support “Tribal Tuesday”

The student council designated tomorrow September 24th, “Tribal Tuesday.” This theme is racist at its core. Students should not appropriate Native American culture by dressing up as “Indians,” and the administration should not have approved this theme. If you Google search “Indian costume”, images of scantily clad women in fringe and men in war bonnets […]

Voter ID laws protect elections

Elections. They are the beating heart of the democratic system, the means by which citizens direct the path of their country. They must be safeguarded against fraud and deception and must not be tampered with. In this vein, despite claims of discrimination, voter ID laws are an effective tool. The crusade for voter ID laws, […]

Why Academic Freedom Matters

Over the summer, Purdue President and ex-Governor Mitch Daniels reentered the national spotlight for his attempts to force the works of historian Howard Zinn out of classrooms.  A series of emails requested by the Associated Press revealed that  Daniels referred to the then recently deceased historian as a “terrible anti-American academic.”  Beyond simply rejoicing in his death, […]

Voter ID Laws are undemocratic

In 2005, Indiana passed a law that required all voters to show a form of photo ID before casting their ballots. This was one of the United States’ first voter ID laws, and it is one of the nation’s strictest. Though the law is relatively new, its intent is familiar to anyone who has heard […]

Senior Photos over the top

For many, one of the most exciting and stressful parts of being a senior are senior pictures. Where will you go? Who will do them? And most importantly, what will you wear? Many people find it necessary to dress in six or seven different ensembles in ridiculous scenery. This is simply not needed. I do believe that […]

Grinding not a big deal

The following is the opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of others on the staff of The Scarlette. Since the junior high formal in the seventh grade, this new phenomenon called “grinding” has caused a lot of controversy. It has created awkwardness between students, teachers and parents alike. But honestly, is […]

Complimenting is not flirting

The following is a Letter to the Editor written by Chris Zhang ’14. For those who know me, I come off as an awkward person who, in midst of his strange gestures, has purely good intentions. For those who aren’t quite familiar with me, however, I cross a line of knowing when or when not […]

New state legislation absurd

The following article is the opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of any other member of the staff of The Scarlette. Indiana can’t just ignore the federal government. It takes a certain type of political logic to champion a bill defending the Constitution and shooting down federal gun laws even if […]

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