Basketball Team Prepares for Victory

The members of the West Lafayette boys basketball team use more than just their skills to win a game. Behind every victory, there are traditions done to bring good luck and a mindset that each member must put themself in in order to have a good game. After the Devil’s victory against Crawfordsville, Juniors Nelson […]

Boys Basketball Begins with Heartbreak

After weeks of preparation, it was time for the Red Devils to show everyone in Berberian Gym what they had spent months to attain; a victory. On Wednesday November 22, the West Side boys’ basketball team suffered a devastating loss to the McCutcheon Mavericks in their first game of the season. As the face-off began, […]

March Madness NCAA Basketball tournament.

The madness all started on March 14, and it has been quite a ride through it all. People go and fill out a basketball bracket, which is divided into 4 sections. The East, West, South, and Midwest. Every section has 16 teams ranked from the best, #1-#16. Each section you predict which team is going […]

Girls Semifinals

Girls Basketball Wraps Up Regular Season By Easily Defeating Local Rivals

West Lafayette girl’s basketball hasn’t been one to disappoint this winter season. With a three-point buzzer beater win against rival Central Catholic, and a last second upset against the Northwestern tigers in the hoosier conference tournament, the red devils can move into the postseason with momentum and pride. With much success this season, senior Madi […]

The Revival of RDTV!

Boys Basketball Off season

Basketball is just around the corner and that means the start of basketball training.  To be the best the basketball team is doing as much as they can to prepare for the season.  This is tough due to many player that have other sports, mainly football.   For those who don’t play another sport Coach […]

James Harden should win MVP

The NBA’s MVP award can be at times frustrating because there’s as much debate over what exactly the “Most Valuable Player” means as there is over who should win.  Some take the modifier “valuable” to a heart and try to find who contributes the most within the scope of their team.  Some look at the […]

Basketball preview

It’s that time of year again.  The sound of the crowds at Mackey on Friday and Saturday nights echo all the way up to the West Side gym, where the basketball teams are warming up for the start of the season. Both the boys and girls basketball teams have to deal with the changes that […]

NCAA tournament recap

Round of 62- The first round is generally the most exciting round of the tournament because of the common upsets and the non-stop basketball.  The stories of underdog teams were flying around and Cinderella teams were born.  One of the most popular teams that made it out of this round was Georgia State because their […]

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