Sports superstitions continue

There are lots of things that West Side sports teams consider to be traditions, they can be anything from wearing special clothes on game days to having special rituals right before they play.  Some athletes directly relate these traditions to wins or losses.  If it works, why change it?

Is rivalry pure hatred or just good competition?

If you ask any student at West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High School involved in sports for their opinion of Central Catholic, they will respond with a simple “I hate them”.  Most people don’t have a concrete reason for hating them, but they just do.  Today, these two schools collide for a cross-town rivalry match up.  The […]

Should we pay college athletes?

The NCAA, originally founded by Theodore Roosevelt on March 31, 1906, was created to entertain the public and to give college students a chance to play sports competitively. Now, many people wonder if these athletes should be compensated. Payment for college athletes has been getting lots of attention mostly because of Johnny Manziel, last year’s Heisman trophy […]

Athletes ask for more Support

West Side is an establishment of education  that is not only known to flourish in academic arenas but sport activities as well. All the student athletes sacrifice their time and their energy, never letting go of their resilience, so as to thrive in whatever sport they play. According to student athletes, support, love and appreciation […]

Womann or Machine? Shelby Mann

By now, most high school sports fans know who Shelby Mann ’14 is.  She is one of the few three-sport athletes at West Side who is considered one of the best players on every team. In soccer, she is a goal-scoring machine who made 27 goals in the first 13 games this year, including an unforgettable […]

Dancing under Friday night lights

As the school year starts up again, the She Devils look forward to another successful season. However, it was not an easy summer for the dancers.  The team had to operate without a coach during practices, competitions, and camps.  The search for a coach to replace Joy Ambrose –  who returned to graduate  school, lasted throughout […]

Minimum wage hike divides workers

Last February, President Barack Obama initiated a movement to raise the minimum wage to nine dollars an hour. This is a large increase for 49 states, including Indiana. Washington is currently the only state with a minimum wage that is nine dollars or higher; their requirement is $9.19 an hour. The goal of such an […]

Fall Sports in a Nutshell:

West Lafayette hopes for another successful year of fall sports. Summer is over, school started, and you know what that means: fall sports. When people think of fall sports they think of the Friday night thrill of a football game, but that is only one of the many successful sports programs at West Side. Girls Soccer: […]

Concussions hurt

The old saying, “rub some dirt on it and you’ll be fine” no longer has much standing when it comes to sports head injuries. When some 4,500 NFL players sued the league for $750 million over head injuries, it focused people’s attention on the long term effects of head trauma.  Recent studies have shown that the […]

Lowell kicks day and Knight

At the end of his junior year, Knight was thinking about how much time he would have as a senior, because he would be taking easy classes, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. With his place kicker graduating, Varsity Head Football Coach Shane Fry needed someone to take charge and hit the point after attempts and to kick-off. He needed Knight, a varsity soccer player with a powerful leg. […]

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