Concussions hurt

The old saying, “rub some dirt on it and you’ll be fine” no longer has much standing when it comes to sports head injuries. When some 4,500 NFL players sued the league for $750 million over head injuries, it focused people’s attention on the long term effects of head trauma.  Recent studies have shown that the […]

Lowell kicks day and Knight

At the end of his junior year, Knight was thinking about how much time he would have as a senior, because he would be taking easy classes, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. With his place kicker graduating, Varsity Head Football Coach Shane Fry needed someone to take charge and hit the point after attempts and to kick-off. He needed Knight, a varsity soccer player with a powerful leg. […]

Seniors enjoy their last season

When your senior year rolls around and you’re in sports, it’s your time to shine.  As a senior, there’s more pressure to do well and prove that you deserve to be a team leader.  Ultimately, when the season is over, your high school sports career is over and what you look back on is your […]

Coach Fry takes over the team

  There’s a new guy in charge of the West Lafayette Red Devils football team, but he is not really that new at all. Coach Fry had been working under the now retired football coach for 7 years until he finally got his shot as the team’s head coach, and, according to the team, so far it […]

Coaches teach too

West Side students might think of their teachers as just people that come to school with one thing to do – teach them.  However, most teachers actually have lives outside of the classroom.  There are the teachers that coach sports, some that run clubs and others that help out with various activities. The coaches at […]

Sports have successful year

As another school year comes to a close, lets go back in time and take a look at some of the more memorable games and moments of the 2012-2013 school year: 10. WL vs. BC– In the 2012 J&C Hoops Classic, the Lady Devils took on the returning champion Benton Central in the semi-finals. It would […]

Track records broken

With many runners having their final year as seniors, the track team has pushed themselves harder than ever. On April 22nd, the relay team of Heather Lucht ’13, Angely Phillip ’13, Katie Bittner ’13, and Emily Field ’14 broke the current  girls Shuttle Hurdle relay. “We all just ran our normal races and it was really […]

Featured Athlete: Carson Cruea

Carson Cruea ’13 was raised to play baseball. He first began to play at age three when his parents signed him up to play tee-ball with the Lafayette Youth League. Since then, Cruea has loved the sport. “I love baseball about as much as Lil B the Based God loves rapping,” compared Cruea. Fifteen years from […]

Summer Workouts Pay Off

As the school year comes to a close, summer workouts are on the minds of West Side athletes. Although summer workouts may seem at first a complete buzz kill to one’s summer vacation, they in fact help immensely. Not only do workouts keep you in shape all summer and give you something to occupy your […]

WL sports for dummies

For some, sports are not in their main interests and therefore they are uninformed about what actually goes on with our school sports. Given that, here is some basic information about West Side sports. -Girls Tennis Coach: Tim Wright Key Players: Sasha Sokolchik ’15, Miriam Frank ’13, Rival: Harrison Last Sectional Title: 2012 Season: Spring -Boys […]

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